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This category contains pages about members of the Populace which are not yet complete.

Populace Pages should not be edited without the permission of the page's subject.

Minor, non-substantive edits - such as inserting OPID, interwiki links, and correcting broken syntax - are permitted.

What makes a Stub?

The term 'stub' is used to refer to pages that are very short or are incomplete. The 'Populace Stub' classification is applied to newly created persona pages whenever they're created by an admin (note: as of Feb 19, 2022).

Because the standard 'stub' tag includes an invitation to edit, we are transitioning individual persona pages to a separate 'Populace Stub' tag and category, which does not include an invitation to edit, and removes those pages from the main stub list. If your page has {{stub}} at the top when you go to edit it, you can change that to {{Populace Stub}} to have it included in the correct list. There are a lot of pages that need to have the stub tag changed over to the populace stub. It'll take a little while to go through and update them all.

When Should the Populace Stub Tag Be Removed?

  • Contains, at minimum, some text describing the person or their persona
    • Example: (Name) is a 10th-century baker residing in Cardiff, Wales. They enjoy baking, cheesemaking, and embroidery. They are a member of (branch) but they also play with (other branch).
  • Unused template sections are removed. If you want to add them back in later, you can find everything in Template talk:Populace.
    • If you want to keep a template section but you don't have anything to put into it yet, leave a "Coming Soon" note in that section.
  • Photos are not required - if you don't want your face in the wiki, you could sub in a photo of you doing some work that doesn't include your face, or a photo of your work by itself.
  • If you don't have any heraldry yet, you can change the heraldry caption to indicate that fact. ("Heraldry not yet Registered")
  • Consider adding a few categories, which might include your persona's time period, culture/location, your branch(es), your guild(s), your household(s), or your interests. You may add as many categories as you like.

If you're sure your page is complete, you are welcome to remove the stub tag yourself. If you're not sure, you are always welcome to ask the Wiki staff for an opinion.

Staff routinely examine pages marked as stubs to see if they still should be marked, and will remove the stub tag from any page that appears to be complete. If it looks like you're not done, the tag will be left there.

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