Cat Spoonbreaker

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Resides: Shire of Mountain Freehold
Status: Active
Awards: Order of Precedence
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Award & Office Badges
Companion of the Order of the Silver Wheel
Fencing Marshal


Lady Cat Spoonbreaker




My name is Cat and welcome to my page.

I dabble in many different activities and enjoy helping where I can.

I am a part of the Free Company of the Stella Maris, call sign of Ship’s Cat. I enjoy learning about poisonous plants and specialize in washing dishes.

Offices & Positions

Free Range Rapier Marshal - 3/7/20

Free Range Chancellor Minor-01/01/20

Event Staff

  • Mimir's Well 3/7/20 - Feastocrat
  • Market Day at Birka 1/25/20 - Rapier MiT
  • Closing of the Inne at Coldwood / NRWC 10/19/19 - Rapier MiT
  • GNEW 7/11/19 - 7/14/19 - Rapier MiT
  • Opening of the Inne at Coldwood / NRWC 6/15/19 - Rapier MiT
  • Mimir's Well 3/9/19 -Feastocrat
  • Market Day at Birka 1/26/19 - Rapier MiT
  • Northern Region Rapier Practice 11/18/18 - Rapier MiT
  • Demo at Fort William Henry 9/23/18 - Rapier MiT
  • Coronation of Ioannes & Honig 4/1/17 - Feast Staff
  • Endewearde Baronial Investiture 9/28/13 - Feast Staff
  • Tourney of Love 2009- Performer

Projects & Publications

In Case of Court

I swear, I didn’t do it…Please contact my spouse Lily Aubrey.

Contact Information

Obtain: 1 Bubble Tea, 1 pair of adorable socks and 1 cat (preferably black). Arrange the items in a triangle on the floor and say my name…if this doesn’t work, please enjoy the bubble tea, put on the socks and pet the cat.

I am also available by email ( or Facebook.