Cassandra Blondel de Seint Alban

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Cassandra Blondel de Seint Alban at Spring Crown Tournament 2015 *Photo by Lavina Attewode
Resides: Shire of Quintavia
Status: Active
Awards: Order of Precedence
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Azure, a cross of Lorraine argent and on a chief Or three dragonflies vert.
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Lady Cassandra Blondel de Seint Alban joined the SCA in October 2014 after attending the Coronation of Edward III and Thyra II with Lord Anton LaFlamme de Saint Aubin. She resides in the Shire of Quintavia, but is often found playing in the Barony of Carolingia with her consort, champion and inspiration Lord Anton LaFlamme de Saint Aubin and his sons, Lords Arnulf, Rodulf and Leon. Cassandra enjoys exploring all facets of the 6th-16th centuries, never afraid to ask questions or get her hands dirty learning new skills. She delights in asking inquisitive questions of the populace, supporting Anton in his marshal and artistic endeavors, and assisting wherever she can be of help. Her other interests include sewing garb, the bardic arts of poetry and story-writing, heraldry, throwing axes and knives, archery, heavy list (watching only), dance, food & drink and engaging people in conversation.


Cassandra Blondel de Seint Alban is a 12th-13th century Englishwoman, descendant of pure Norman blood from Rouen in Upper Normandy, now living in the shadows of the great stone abbey of St. Alban in southern England, about 19 miles (31 km) north-northwest of central London. When she was very young, her parents told her elaborate stories of chaos, civil unrest and anarchy. They often spoke of legacies of the Norman invasion of 1066 and the travels that ensued from Normandy to England. After King Henry II came to power nearly 100 years after the invasion, the populous shared a notable enthusiasm about their future. However, as the thirteenth century progresses, the crusading ideal is weakening and many wonder what will come; what shining light will guide them forward into the unknown? Being of questionable landed nobility, Cassandra shall go back to Rouen to spend time with relatives and see what wonders will accompany her on her journey to ascertain the factual origins of her ancestry.


A Game of Thrown Weapons - with Lord Anulf D' Saint Aubin

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