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Barony of Carillion
Or, a bell within a laurel wreath sable
Founded: September 1978
Location: Monmouth, Ocean, Mercer, Southern Middlesex, and Northern Burlington Counties in New Jersey


Meaning: The name Carillion was inspired by King Arthur's capital at Caerleon and the sounds of bells at the original meetings. The shire meetings were held in the basement of Whig Hall on Princeton's campus near the carillions at the Westminster Choir College.

Established: Shire of Carillon established in September 1978. Name corrected to Shire of Carillion in 1984. Elevated to Baronial status January 21, 1984.

Blazon: Or, a bell within a laurel wreath sable

Heraldic officer's title: Bell Persuivant

Awards: Award of the Sable Bell, Established 1986 - (Fieldless) A bell sable. Awarded for long term service to the barony.

Award of the Golden Chime of Carillion - no device - The usage has varied from reign to reign, in the past the chime was given as a thank you to those not living within Carillion's borders. Its currently being given for single extraordinary acts of service to the barony. Each baron & baroness give their own individual golden chime, see The Baronage of Carillion.

Full List of baronial awards below.

Newsletter: Clochette

Baroness: THL Máirghréad Ghearr

Baroness: Mistress Tysha z Kieva

Seneschal: The Honorable Lady Evalina von Schaidag

Fighting Unit(s):


Founding Members of the Shire of Carillion:

  • Sigmunder: Founding Seneschal
  • Gershom Ibn Zabara: Founding Fighter Marshal
  • Tamar the Gypsy: Founding Herald

The Second Seneschalate of Carillion began when the three founders agreed to turn over the Shire government to House Rowentree

  • Sigrund of Tynwald Hill: Second Seneschal
  • Magnus Blood Axe: Second Fighter Marshal
  • Tamar the Gypsy: Founding Herald

List of Barons and Baronesses: The Baronage of Carillion

Territories of Carillion

Former Territories of Carillion

  • Canton of Talonwood
  • Canton of Whispering Pines

More Information


  • CarillionGoldenChime.jpg Golden Chime - (No Precedence) Service. Can be given out multiple times. No device, each Baron & Baroness give their own individual golden chime.
  • CarillionSableBell.jpg Order of the Sable Bell - Significant longtime service to the Barony.

(Fieldless) A bell sable.

  • CarillionRuprecht.jpg Order of Sante Ruprecht - Extreme lifetime of service to the Barony.

(Fieldless) On a chalice bendwise sable a bell palewise Or.

  • CarillionBellina.jpg Order of the Bellina of Carillion - Service by the children of the Barony.

(Fieldless) A hawk's bell per pale Or and sable.

  • CarillionBeacon.jpg Order of the Beacon of Carillion - Arts and Sciences.

Gyronny of fourteen Or and sable, a bell within an annulet argent.

  • CarillionIronBell.jpg Order of the Iron Bell - Martial Arts to defend the Barony.

(Fieldless) A bell per pale sable and Or.

  • CarillionGulesBell.jpg Order of the Gules Bell - Injury in service to the Barony.

(Fieldless) A bell gules.

  • CarillionShroudedBell.jpg Order of the Shroud and Bell - Those who have passed in service to the Barony.

(Fieldless) A bell per bend sable and Or.

Closed Orders

These are awards given by previous Barons, Baronesses and Seneschals of Carillion.

  • Order of the Gold Leaf
  • Order of the AARGH
  • Order of the Cheek by Jowl
  • Order of the Fish
  • Order of the Ladies/Gentlemen of the Apocalypse(The Horse's Head)
  • Order of the Cement Boot

People of Carillion

The populace of the Barony of Carillion refer to themselves as Carillionites. We are a service-driven barony with many members of the Order of the Pelican and Order of the Silver Crescent. While we are service driven that does not mean we take Arts & Sciences any less seriously. We have numerous cooks, painters, and embroiderers feeding and beautifying the Barony and its people.

Carillion has been known for its formidable Archery community for many years and in recent years our Rapier and Fighting units and practices have become noteworthy.

Households within Carillion:

A List of the populace of the Barony of Carillion can be found under Category:Barony of Carillion

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