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Sovereign: Cariadoc of the Bow
Consort: Diana Alene
East Kingdom Crown #: 8
Preceded by: Rakkurai and Maureen
Succeeded by: Jehan and Lauryan


  • King and Queen during Pennsic I (September 1972 at Newton's Campground near Waterford, PA). Midrealm 2, East 1.



Poetry and History

The mythology of the origin of the Pennsic Wars says that when Cariadoc of the Bow was King of the Middle, he thought it would be entertaining to have a war between the East and Middle Kingdoms. He sent a declaration of war to the East in A.S. 5, but nothing ever came of it. By A.S. 7, Cariadoc had moved and become King of the East, whereupon he found the old declaration of war and promptly accepted. The Midrealm army defeated the Easterners, making Cariadoc the first king in history to declare war on himself and lose.

Count Jehan remembers this differently. From his piece Early Stories of the East from Count Jehan de la Marche published in the Æthelmearc Gazette, "Cariadoc had moved to the East and been named the Ambassador to the East by the reigning Middle King Iriel of Branoch. At MK Twelfth Night, Cariadoc came back and recited a long poem of his own composition inciting war with the East — I recall he mentioned that the border barons (meaning me) wanted war, and the poem ended with “My word is war.” and we all banged out tankards on the table and shouted “War, War, War!” and King Iriel gave the War Arrow to Duke Cariadoc to take to Rakkurai, who was Shogun of the East at that time.

I was not present for the reception of the arrow in the East, but I understand Rakkurai duly received and broke it to accept the challenge. Cariadoc stepped up and won the East Kingdom Spring Crown Tourney."


  • Coronation, July 8, 1972
  • Coronation of Jehan and Lauryan, October 15, 1972

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