Captain-General of Guatemala

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An appointment made by King Gyrth to Baron Algernon Hartesmond, upon Algernon's return to the Eastern court after an extended mundane sojourn to El Salvador with the Peace Corps. His Majesty asked Algernon where he had been, and Algernon, knowing that the Spanish crown had once included this area as part of the Captaincy-Generalate of Guatemala, under Admiral of the Seas Cristobal Colon, replied, "I have returned from the Captaincy-Generalate of Guatemala , bearing treasure for your Majesties." and then dumped a huge pile of "silver" chain jewelry into Queen Melisande's lap, and a whole heap of "gold" coins in King Gyrth's.

His Majesty bestowed this honor, on the spot. Algernon gave it up when he received a Court Baronage from King Siegfried I. It was traditionally the very last entry in the East Kingdom Order of Precedence. It was revived for Master Adhemar de Villarquemada at the last court of Balfar IV and Luna IV.

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