Captain-General of Archers

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The Captain-General of Archers sets and enforces safety standards for archery.

Captain-Generals of Archers of the East Kingdom

Name Start Date
Taliesin of Nordovest upon the Long Isle August 1983 (appointed November 1976)
William of the Black Fletch December 1983
Gwilym o'r Tair Afon November 1986
Oswald von dem Grünwald June 1988
David McDougall February 1990
Bleiddian ap Cynin January 1992
Krakken Gnashbone January 1995
Mark Squirrelsbane January 1998
Caitlin Angharad FitzHenry January 2002
Krakken Gnashbone March 2004
Tamar Walshman March 2005
Mark Squirrelsbane February 2007
Godric of Hamtun January 2011
Jehannine de Flandres January 2015
Godric of Hamtun March 2017
Colin Ursell June 2018
Kusunoki Yoshimoto April 2022

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