Cailin Macsalny

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Lord Cailin Macsalny

(photo courtesy of Dianimh Ban)

Resides: Barony of Bhakail
Status: Quarantining
Awards: Order of Precedence
Cailin Macsalny Arms.jpg
Gules, on a pale argent between in chief two flames Or in chief a pheon inverted gules, the pale surmounted in base by a boar's head couped Or
Award & Office Badges
Award of Arms Master of Horse Companion of the Order of the Golden Mantle Order of the Pasguarde Blue Tyger Legion Order of the Salamander
Constable of Bhakail.png


I am known as Lord Cailin Macsalny and joined The SCA in early 2010. I am a Combat Archer for the Bhakail Army, part of the Southern Army, and a member of the Black Boot Company.




  • Flame of Bhakail
  • Award of Arms received at Bhakail's Yule on 4 December 2013
  • Master of the Horse received at Bhakail's Court of Love on 25 June 2016.
  • Order of the Golden Mantle received at Mudthaw on 24 March 2018
  • Order of the Pasguarde received at Pennsic 47 on 5 Aug 2018
  • Member of the Blue Tyger Legion as part of the Southern Army received at Pennsic 47 on 11 Aug 2018
  • Order of the Salamander received at Yule on 08 Dec 2018

Offices & Positions

  • Constable of Bhakail - 12 December 2015 - 28 January 2020
An appointed position by Baron Mael Eoin mac Echuid and Baroness Ysmay de Lynn that had the sole charge was enforcing the "taxes" levied by their Excellencies. Since then I have taken responsibility for managing the Lost & Found from Bhakail events. At the Investiture of Baron Rowen Cloteworthy and Baroness Suba al-Hadid I was asked to continue my work as Constable, to which I gladly said yes.
  • Queen's Guard - 1 October 2016 - 1 April 2017 & 29 September 2018 - 6 April 2019
I was honored to serve as a member of the Queen's Guard during the reigns of Brion III and Anna III and Wilhelm and Vienna.
  • Gaming Champion of Bhakail - 27 January 2018 - 26 January 2019
A new category of Champion in the Barony of Bhakail. The title was passed to me after a hard fought tournament by THL Aurddeilen-ap-Robet who was the first named Gaming Champion of Bhakail.
  • Chronicler of Bhakail - 11 September 2018 - 14 January 2020

Projects & Publications

I have an ongoing blog at: I use it mostly to track of Lost & Found from events, but I've also began branching out into other areas revolving around being Constable, medieval law, and general SCA related things.

In Case of Court

I always appreciate a good surprise.