Brighid MacCumhal

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Before a day of fencing...
Resides: Framingham, MA
Status: Active
Awards: Order of Precedence
Per saltire vert and azure, four dragonflies argent.
Award & Office Badges
CourtBarony Award of Arms


Hello! I am Baroness Brighid! I like to meet people, so please say hello! I moved here from the Middle Kingdom in early 2010, and have sworn my fealty to fight with the East! :)

I am a courtier, a fencer, a royal court herald (I don't do book heraldry), a costumer, an archer, a scribe, a painter, a weaver, a terrible bard, an autocrat, and I enjoy meeting new people and trying new things.

I am an Apprentice to Master Philippe de Lyon of the Middle Kingdom.
I am a Protoge of Master Vhorlin Or' Gwig of the Middle Kingdom.

My registered name, which I do not use, is Bríghid inghean Chonmhaoil. I prefer Brighid MacCumhal.
I was made a Baroness of the Middle Kingdom Court of Dag & Annelyse.


I don't really have a persona, per se. I like the early 16th century. I love everything about the Renaissance. I love to play the role of the Courtier, and I am very much a Royalist (which is why I enjoy being a herald is it gives the opportunity for such things)!

I tend to dress in Renaissance men's clothing for fencing, and women's clothing for court, though I do occasionally wear 16th c Turkish because it's fun and what my best friend also does. :)

My SCA 'family' - Uadahlrich, Andreas, Lothair, and Peter - are Landskenechts, so I am the token non-Landskenecht in the group.

Arts & Sciences

I focus primarily on 16th century clothing and I love the Renaissance quite a bit. I tend to only make what I can wear or use in practicality at an event.

My main arts, which I am happy to teach classes in should there be interest:

  • Tailoring of garments in 16th Century Europe: I wear and research both Men's & Women's garments, primarily in England, Italy, Sweden, and Germany. I do a lot of hand-sewing on visible seams.
  • Embroidery & Embellishments: primarily blackwork embroidery, stem-stitch embroidery, couching of metal embroidery, etc.
  • Scribal Arts: focusing on composition and drawing, also I do calligraphy and illumination for scrolls. I prefer to do scrolls for people I know, and enjoy doing pen & ink style work that looks like 16th Century prints.
  • Tablet Weaving: I used to be really involved with this, but am not as much anymore. I prefer doing Egyptian diagonals.
  • Painting, Drawing, Printmaking with woodblocks, etc.

Arts I have dabbled in:

  • Knitting & Felting (I made felted flatcaps like on the Mary Rose)
  • Courtly Dance (if I can ever remember the steps)
  • Bardic (if I can ever remember the words without a book)
  • Leatherworking (for outfit accessories, like my coronet)
  • Spinning fibers

I won Middle Kingdom Divisional Arts & Sciences Championship in 2008 with entries for embroidery, clothing construction, and knitting (I made woolen flatcaps much like on the Mary Rose).

I am a member of the Order of the Evergreen - Grant of Arms for A&S - for costuming, scribal arts, and rapier.

In my professional life, I am an artist and an industrial designer, so I can draw and make nearly anything if I set my mind to it. I love to craft new things.

The Arte of Defense: Rapier

I am a Warder of the Company of the Bronze Ring, and I was a cadet to Warder Uadahlrich von Sassmannshausen. I am a 'retired' member of Wednesday Company because I now fight with the East Kingdom. :)

My cadets:

  • Sorcha of Carolingia (East Kingdom)
  • Andreas von Meissen (Ansteorra currently)
  • Lothair Biedermann von Bremmen (Middle Kingdom)
  • Saorla MacArdyle (Inactive)

Rapier-related Champions positions that I have held:

  • Pennsic Rapier Champion's Team, East Kingdom: 2012 (alternate).
  • Pennsic Rapier Champion's Team, Middle Kingdom: 2003-2009
  • Gulf Wars Rapier Champion's Team, 2005-2006
  • Middle Kingdom Rapier Champion, 2003
  • South Oaken Regional Rapier Champion, Midrealm, 2003

I used to be known as the "Ringstalker" in my earlier rapier days in the Middle Kingdom as I stalked down the Iron Ring frequently, and held it four times.


It's a lot of fun! I just began doing archery in 2011. I enjoy it. :)

Offices & Positions: Current

  • Marshal of Fence at Large, East Kingdom, 2012-present
  • A random court herald for East Kingdom & the Barony of Carolingia

Offices & Positions: Past

Herald, Middle Kingdom:

  • Royal Court Herald, for various Royalty at various Events & Wars, 2007-2010
  • Barony of Fenix Herald, 2007-2009 (I am a court herald and a field herald. I am sadly a terrible book herald.)

Rapier, Middle Kingdom:

  • Marshal of Fence, 1999-2010.
  • Barony of Fenix Rapier Marshal, 2002-2004.

Kingdom War Command Staff, Middle Kingdom:

  • General of the Rapier Army, 2009-2010.
  • Kingdom XO of the Rapier Army, 2007-2009
  • Kingdom Rapier Scout Commander, 2004-2007
  • Kingdom Rattan Scout Commander, 2006?
  • Regional Rattan Scout Commander, 2005?
  • Gulf Wars Rapier General for Middle Kingdom, 2005-2007

Event Staff

Middle Kingdom Events that I staffed:

  • Autocrat, Known World Academy of the Rapier, 2008
  • Autocrat, Middle Kingdom Crown Tournament, 2008
  • Autocrat, Middle Kingdom Arts & Sciences Faire, 2008
  • Autocrat, South Oaken Regional Arts & Sciences Faire, 2008
  • Co-Autocrat, Winter's End (Barony of Fenix, Middle Kingdom), 2009
  • Marshal in Charge: Fencing, for various events hosted by the Barony of Fenix

Projects & Publications

I have classes I used to teach and have hand-outs for them, both A&S and rapier related. I don't have links to them anymore, but if I teach again I'll have them handy to pass out.

More Information

My link on the Bronze Ring website: