Brian of Stonemarche

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Brian of Stonemarche birka 2016 cropped.jpg
Brian of Stonemarche
Resides: Nashua, NH (Stonemarche)
Status: Active
Awards: Order of Precedence
BrianOfStonemarche Device.jpg
Argent, a chevron inverted sable between a chabot gules and two chabots azure.
Award & Office Badges
Order of the White Gate, Birka 2016Order of the Silver Wheel, Birka 2017
WebministerFencing Marshal

In Case of Court

Brian respectfully requests to be notified in advance if his presence is required in court. A writ or summons is preferred, but verbal notice is sufficient. Please be specific as to which court (including time and location), as some events have multiple courts.

Also, Brian is not one for Ethereal courts.

In the extremely unlikely event of peerage, please contact Lady Sorcha Dhorcha and Hlafdige Arastorm and make sure each one is seated comfortably before telling them. Also, please notify my knight, Sir Duarcaín MacWard.

In terms of calligraphy and illumination, Brian has a slight preference for late 15th century Western European styles, but loves great art work of all kinds.


Brian of Stonemarche is Brian Chabot in mundane life and has been active in the SCA since October 2002. He was drawn to the SCA following the passing of Earl Ælfwine Dunedain. Brian is a rapier marshal and two time Baronessa's Rapier Champion in the Barony of Stonemarche. He ran both the only regularly occurring official rapier practice in Stonemarche and has and still occasionally does run un-official gatherings of fencers since 2005 or so.


Brian has several personae spanning several historical periods. Shown here in order of usage frequency at the moment.

(Primary) 3rd Quarter 15th c.

Southern France / Northern Italy, circa 1460-1470, landless gentry. Enjoys tournaments of all kinds and answers calls to war. Developed an interest in artillery and handgonnes at the Battle of Castillon. Traveled much around France, Florence, Provence, Aquitaine, Burgundy, Savoy, Geneva, and Aragon. He loves the Mediterranean coast and spending time on ships there. He is fond of sharing an invigorating and rare beverage he obtained from traveling Sufi sages with his friends.

(Very) Late 14th c.

Western Europe (probably France), circa 1390-1400. Man-At-Arms. Doer of Deeds.

16th c. English (ca. 1590's)

Brian of Stonemarche is an English Merchant Adventurer from London, who practices Rapier & Dagger in the English Style. While his fighting is English, he has a penchant for Italian clothing styles. By trade, he is a merchant, with a love of travel and meeting new people and bringing home rare and exotic goods to sell in London. Business is good and he may be in the market to outfit a small fleet... He is especially fond of this rare and intoxicating beverage the Ottomans drink, called coufee...

11th c. Saxon (ca. 1090's)

Brian of Stonemarche was born to a family of traders from the Liverpool area with strong ties to Ireland. His parents & grandparents survived Williem's invasion by being decidedly neutral. If you wanted to do business, that was fine. Brian runs a booming import export business sometimes traveling with groups of Crusaders to locate rare spices and other goods from the Mediterranean region.

Offices & Positions



  • Baronessa's Rapier Champion , Barony of Stonemarche, 06/11/2006 to 06/10/2007 and 09/01/2014 to 9/2015.
  • East Kingdom Webminister-at-large Webminister for Rapier, 04/13/2016-2019
  • Deputy Webminister for East Kingdom Rapier 2019-????
  • Captain of Fencers for the Barony of Stonemarche ???? till summer 2018.
  • Baronial Chronicler, Barony of Stonemarche, 02/21/2020-2/2022

Event Staff

  • Marshal in Charge for Armored Steel Combat, Pennsic 49-50 (2022-2023)
  • Deputy Rapier Martial-in-charge, Birka 1/30/2016
  • Autocrat for SCA Rapier Fencing Demo at the New Hampshire Renaissance Faire, 5/7-8/2016 and 5/14-5/2016
  • Rapier Martial-in-charge, Palio di Stonemarche, 2016
  • Rapier Marshal-in-Charge, Harpers Retreat, 2016
  • Rapier Martial-in-charge, Birka 1/28/2017
  • Rapier Martial-in-charge, Palio di Stonemarche, 2017
  • Rapier Marshal-in-Charge, Harpers Retreat, 2017
  • Rapier Martial-in-charge, Birka 1/27/2018
  • Rapier Marshal-in-Charge, Golden Tournaments 2018
  • Rapier Marshal-in-Charge, Harpers' Retreat 2018
  • Rapier Martial-in-charge, Birka 1/26/2019

Projects & Publications

More Information

  • Member of House Stormgard, House Vaganza, and Maple Crest
  • Rapier MIT Midsummer in Stonemarche 06/10/2007-????, GNEW 07/12/2013-Birka 2015
  • Rapier Marshal (ca. Birka 2015, though he is told the paperwork was approved some time earlier. Birka was when he saw himself listed as a marshal in the MoL database.)
  • Archery Marshal in Training 2018-Present (Under Temür Numuchi)
  • Also heavy list fighter (preferred weapon: Pole arm (halberd, poleaxe, etc.) or sword and shield. Lover of Deeds of Arms
  • With Lady Sorcha Dhorcha, Ran for the Baronial seat of Stonemarche unsuccessfully in 2018.
  • Man at Arms to Sir Duarcaín MacWard, from 8/7/2022, at the Combat of the 30 at Pennsic 49.