Bran ap Rees

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Mudthaw. 201?
Resides: The Barony Bhakail
Status: Active
Awards: Order of Precedence
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Heraldry (help) Needed
Award & Office Badges


Lord Bran ap Rees (Bisclavret) My Silver Crescent is my most prominent accolade. A recognition by Barony Bhakail for simply helping to arm and armor the populous nearest my heart (and perhaps, persona)


Vague and intentionally so. Bisclaret named from the Lais of Marie de France. The story is idiomatic. I am a soothsayer. I will gaze into your cards, your palm or your eyes any time be it Court or Field. My price: A trinket, a drink or a secret. In France? We are with people called "Gypsy" When called by "Bran ap Rees" they were "The Kale" Nice folk, accepting of useful outsiders, don't ask a lot of questions. Mind your bling. Bran? Lore and Gypsy story...a smith in Wales, rumored to be able to make armor from tin alone. Lycanthropy suspected as result of bites from Lupa herself in Roman tin mines. Probably just a story.

Any fight. Any form. Accepting bookings now. See Specials for mercenary and hole digging discounts.

  • Certain conditions may apply.

Offices & Positions

  • Boggle (look-ups to follow)

Event Staff

  • Also boggle.

In Case of Court

Kidnap/Under duress or guard. On field or on task usually "last known whereabouts". Known to misbehave if made to sit still.