Black Lance Alliance

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Black Lance Alliance
Black Lance.jpg
Knuck if you buck
Location: Southern Region
Blue Tyger Legion


Roiling clouds built upon the horizon. Black Lance Alliance was initially conjured from the Southern Region of our Kingdom, consisting of House Carpathia, Falcon's Keep, House Cheshire and levies from the Barony of Carillion.

In the bitter cold of 100 Minutes War the Black Lance Alliance assembled for the first time and began to hone its skills as a unit. But they were far from whole.

With an alignment of the stars, longtime friends Sir Klaus Winterhalter von Walachey, Imperator Allaricus Xirinius Dominus and Sir Donnan Fitzgerald spoke and agreed to combine all of their Units under the Southern Army. With the alliance secured, Imperator Dominus and Sir Donnan brought with them the legendary Unsterblichen Army; consisting of The Senate and People of Rome, House Bloodguard, EldVatten, House Fitzgerald and allies from House Wilmot and Settmour Swamp. The first few drops of rain fell and the Tyger of the East gained a razor's claw.

Command Structure

Commander Role
Sir Klaus Winterhalter von Walachey Lance Commander
Sir Donnan Fitzgerald Battlefield Commander
Imperator Allaricus Xirinius Dominus Battlefield Commander
Sir Bari of Anglesey Strategic Commander

Fighting Units

Among those who fight under the banner of the Southern Army are the following groups (in no particular order):