Bianca di Alessandro

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Portrait biancadialessandro byhughtauerner.png
Bianca di Alessandro, King and Queen's Bardic Championship 2014
Resides: Bergental (Adoptee)
Status: Active
Awards: Order of Precedence
Armory biancadialessandro.png
Per argent and azure, a bend Or between a rose azure barbed and seeded proper and a chalice argent.

Badge biancadialessandro.png
(Fieldless)On a chalice argent, a rose azure, barbed and seeded proper.
Award & Office Badges
Award of Arms Order of the Cup of Saint Brigid


Donna (Lady) Bianca di Alessandro first ventured into the SCA during the reign of Konrad II and Brenwen II, when she attended her first event, Winter Nights 2009, in the Barony of Concordia of the Snows, where she was greatly welcomed, and made to feel at home. Without a true "home" territory, living in Crown Lands, her love of song soon lead her to spend much of her time in the Barony of Bergental, where she has sung tenor with the acapella choir groups Canticum Novum and Concentus. Her interests (so far) are in sung music, book heraldry, blackwork embroidery, and narrow work, mainly tablet weaving and lucet cord.

  • Order of the Cup of St. Brigit (formerly Order of the Fountain)- Bergental Service Award - awarded by Rob and Emma Bergental - King and Queen's Bardic Championship/Novice Schola 2014
  • Award of Arms - granted by Kenric II and Avelina II - King and Queen's Bardic Championship/Novice Schola 2014


(My persona is a work-in-progress, and I expect it to evolve and become more detailed over time)

Bianca is the eldest daughter of a patrician family living in Venice during the end of the 15th century. Her family were originally merchants, but were able to finagle their way into the Libre d'Oro, and the aristocracy, due to their wealthy status and the Republic's need for money to support the War of Chioggia in the 14th C. As the Venetian equivalent of the "Nouveau Riche", they are still working to improve their standing amongst the other noble families of the patriciate.

Bianca's father, Alessandro, was the head of the family, but his recent death has thrown the household into disarray, as his younger brother, as well as his only son, are both away on a trading voyage to Byzantium, and have not been heard from since before Alessandro's passing. At the moment, the household consists solely of women, with the exception of Bianca's 6-yr old nephew, who may find himself the head of the family if the overdue trading vessel does not return.

Bianca was married for several years, although no children came from the union before she became widowed. Her husband, and a good portion of that household, took sick unexpectedly. He passed away without having yet made a will, and Bianca chose to return to her own family with the remainder of her dowry, rather than stay with her in-laws. She has a small suite of rooms near the kitchen, on the main (second) floor of their home, and her dowry has been put aside and added to, when possible, to provide her younger sister, Aurelia, now 18 and of marriageable age, with a good match. Ideally, they would like to see their brother well-married, first, as he is also approaching marriageable age for a man, at 35, but as yet, they do not know how long to wait, to ensure the survival of the family home and name.

Bianca's aunt (her father's brother's wife) lives with her 2 young children on the third floor of their Palazzo, and runs the household on that floor, and Bianca, herself, has ended up in charge of most of the rest of the family home and business. She is well acquainted with the folks who rent their ground floor storerooms and offices, as well as the household suppliers and delivery people, and had been quietly doing the bookkeeping for her father during his decline. Her father's second wife had been guaranteed a living suite as part of her father's will, but does little to help with chores or other tasks. It is up to Bianca, with help from Aurelia, to keep the household and the business going until word is received regarding the fate of their brother and their uncle.

Offices & Positions