Beyond the Mountain

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Barony Beyond the Mountain
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Azure, an oak eradicated argent, on a chief enarched Or a sun gules with a laurel wreath Or
Founded: June 1971
Location: North, East CT


Meaning: The lands of the Barony Beyond the Mountain include the Housatonic River and its watershed. The word "Housatonic" derives from the Mohican phrase "usi-a-di-en-uk," which was translated as "beyond the mountain place." Thus the Baronage are referred to as "Their Housatonic Excellencies."

Established: June 1971. Elevated to barony status on June 15, 1972

Blazon: Azure, an oak eradicated argent, on a chief enarched Or on a sun gules a laurel wreath Or

The oak refers to the Charter Oak in Hartford, CT.

Heraldic officer's title: White Oak Pursuivant

Newsletter: Chanticleer

A Brief History of the Barony

From the East Kingdom 50 Year Celebration Site Book

In 1970, in the then Barony of An Tir, Balin the Fairhaired and Morgana Eressea di Sanpere joined the SCA at the University of Washington. In 1971 they moved to Woodbury, CT and decided to form a new group. They organized their first tournament in a field across the street from his mother’s house, which became their Investiture - Kingdom Seneschal El of the Two Knives attended to install Balin and Morgana as the first Baron and Baroness. They chose the English translation of the Native American name for the Housatonic River – “beyond the mountain place” as the new Barony’s name. Two years later, Akbar won his second Crown Tournament on that same field.

The Barony continued to grow, adding the cantons of Ravenhill, Fennbrycg, Dragonship Haven, and Falcon’s Aerie. In 1979 the Canton of Dragonship Haven became a Barony of its own, and in 1984 Falcon’s Aerie closed, although the group would later be reestablished as the Canton of Dragon’s Aerie. All of the cantons are currently closed.

In January of 1986, Balin’s old friend and one-time seneschal Salaamallah the Corpulent was invested as the second Baron. During this time the Barony had flourished, holding a signature event in the Feast of Simple Fare with a sought after feast and a highly regarded tournament. During Salaamallah’s tenure Beyond the Mountain continued to be home to a number of renowned fighters, and became a center for archery in the Kingdom.

In July of 1998, after twelve years of service, the Barony acquiesced to Salaamallah’s wish to step down, and Cadell ap Hubert (called Random) and Nakamura Yuki stepped up. Sadly, Cadell passed away later that year, and Yuki would serve on her own for the next eight years. Yuki’s term saw archery in the Barony continue to thrive with the success of the 4Q event, and the arts prospered.

June of 2006 brought a new era and a new Baron and Baroness when Dinsdale of Northumbria and Aelfgifa of the Hazel Thicket stepped up to the Baronial seats after years of service as members of the populace. They brought a new energy and vision to the Barony, and provided able leadership through turbulent and peaceful times alike.

In May 2012, long time Baronial residents Dorian of Lewes and Eloise of Coulter ascended to the Housatonic thrones, and served with their daughter Charlotte at their side. Their tenure saw the establishment of the Artifacts of a Life Event, the formation of the Barony’s crack fiber demo team, and the strengthening of ties with the surrounding Baronies.

The current Baron and Baroness since May 2018 are Mark the Red Hand and Gwenllian ferch Llewllyn. We anticipate great things as they serve as the sixth Baron and fifth Baroness of one of the oldest groups in the Known World.


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Emblazon Name Given for
White-oak.jpg Order of the White Oak The Order of the White Oak is given for service to the Barony by a member of the populace who lives within the Barony’s geographic borders.
Defenders.jpg Defender of the White Oak The Order of the Defenders of the Oak is given for skill in any of the martial arts as practiced in the SCA by a member of the populace who lives within the Barony’s geographic boundaries.
Holly.jpg Order of the Holly The Order of the Holly is given for skill in the arts and sciences by a member of the populace who lives within the Barony’s geographic boundaries.
Sun-soil.jpg Order of the Sun and Soil The Order of the Sun and Soil is given for service to the Barony by a person who lives outside the Barony’s geographic borders.(established by Baron Salaamallah March, 1986)

Barons and Baronesses of The Barony Beyond the Mountain

The Barony Beyond the Mountain Baronage

  • Balin the Fairhaired, 6/1972 - 1/1986
  • Morgana Eressea, 4/1982 - 7/1986
  • Kendra the Indecisive as Vicar, approximately 6/1984 - 1/1986
  • Salaamallah the Corpulent, 1/1986 - 7/1998
  • Cadell ap Hubert & Nakamura Yuki, 7/1998 - 12/1998
  • Nakamura Yuki, 7/1998 - 6/2006
  • Dinsdale of Northumbria & Aelfgifu of the Hazel Thicket, 6/2006 - 5/2012
  • Dorigen of Lewes & Eloise of Coulter, 5/2012 - 5/2018
  • Mark Red Hand & Gwenllian ferch Llewellyn, 5/2018 to present

Former Territories of The Barony Beyond the Mountain

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