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Resides: Shire of Blak Rose
Status: Active
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Per pale Or and gules, a bear rampant sable between three lozenges counterchanged
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I am a humble merchant from the town of Brakel, which is a member of the Hanse (Hanseatic League). Brakel is an important town, large enough to have it’s own court, and most importantly, it’s own market rights. This situation has allowed me to build a thriving business trading locally-made Panzer (armor).

I learned about Panzer as a small boy by watching my father, a blacksmith, as he made various pieces of mail. Over time, I learned the entire process from him. I knew the importance of using good Stahl in every piece of armor. Eventually, I could determine the quality and workmanship of a piece at a glance.

After my father's death at an early age, I vowed to find a better path for myself. I found an opportunity to help one of the local merchants obtain "gute Panzerstahl" (quality steel mail) for trading. Eventually, that led to my own trade business, which has allowed me to build a home and to provide for my wife and three children.

I still enjoy making the occasional piece of mail myself.


"Ehemann, Vater, Kind Gottes." What I aspire to be. Why I do the things I do.

Event Staff

Mail Class teacher, Owlsherst Viking Thing, 6/13/2015

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Mail making

Mead making

Leather working

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