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Written regarding true events of the 35th Pennsic War, originally presented at Bergental Yule A.S. 41. The Snowberg Army are the combined forces of Concordia of the Snows and Bergental

1. By northern gate nigh on forest
Bright Bergental bides at Pennsic
A moat surrounds this mighty camp
Bergie the serpent swims happily there

2. Friendly monster all folk love her
Cherished winder watcher of home
Well she was fed with fowl and kine[1]
And well Bergie watched o’er her folk

3. One moonless night, murky and dark
A thief prowled o’er the Pennsic Lands
He crept to the camp came through the fields
And stole Bergie bound her in chains

4. Down he descended dragon in tow
To a tent-palace in Pennsic bog
He put Bergie in the bed of a Thane
Hoping she would eat that ale-giver[2] whole

5. Poor Bergie bided in bedchamber dark
Camp’s lord came in, called to his lady
Vlad[3] entered his tent tossed shoes on his bed
Which struck the monster, marked prints upon her

6. Less roar than a shriek shouted Bergie
And sprang upon the splendid lord
The two wrestled rolled through the tent
Then this fight tumbled fast through the door

7. Across the camp combat raged on
Dragon entwined about the tent ruler
But Vlad then seized the serpent’s throat
The man o’er beast battled and won

8. Helpless was Bergie, held by this man
Sorely she wept and soaked the thane
Seemed the serpent so sad and lost,
Mercy was granted by the great camp lord

9. Tied to a tent post was the tamed dragon
A sign was staked in the soil beside
“Lost Moat Monster” ‘twas made to say
A Snowberg sword[4] saw her by the road

10. Vlad spotted and hailed that spear-wielder
“This now-meek monster’s not mine,” he said.
She graced my bed, brought by some fiend
Bear this poor beast back to her home.”

11. Back in the camp of Bergental
Lyle and Elwynne laid out their plans.
Baron and Baroness brought forth an army,
To get back Bergie though battle they must!

12. Lady Emma led these men forth
To gate sallied the soldiers true
But they stayed their steps, they stopped mid-charge,
As aforementioned sword then said, “Hello!”

13. Bergental’s court he had come to see
Bore he Bergie she brightly smiled
She greeted all with gladsome licks
Came from the camp a cry of glee

14. The Lordly pair lauded the soldier
Great was the thanks the thanes gave then
And they lifted the charge of the Lady fair
Though mere minutes marked out her quest

15. So do I end this serious tale
‘Twas short but grand this Great Bog War
Bergie was brought back to her home
Fate that befell her was far less than grim

16. But one thing more I might add at least
Snares were then set to safeguard the beast
The thief came again was caught in the trap
The dragon gulped him down with a snap!

©2006 Dan Marsh


  1. A somewhat archaic work for “cattle.”
  2. A Kenning for “Lord.” In general, not inappropriate for Vlad, from what I hear.
  3. Vlad is the Lord of one of the more famous camps in Pennsic, “Vlad’s Pleasure Palace.” It is well known for its parties.
  4. In Norse poetry, any weapon can mean a warrior.