Balthazar Meinhardt

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War of the Roses 2018
Resides: Barony of Concordia
Status: Active
Awards: Order of Precedence
Azure, a stag's head erased contourny argent overall a bend and bordure Or
Award & Office Badges
Award of Arms Companion of the Order of the Silver Wheel
Minister of Arts and Science

MoAS, Shire of Glenn Linn (Current)


Lord Balthazar is a man of few words, but of much action. If there is a need for help, he will be there. You can find him at House Asgar, at Willow’s Keep where he serves as protégé to Mistress Eikaterine tin Elliniki, or wrangling his kids Kilian Meinhardt, Lucas Meinhardt, Delilah Meinhardt (Lily), Isabella, and Owen.


Lord Balthazar Meinhardt is German Naval Officer, serving in the time of Queen Elizabeth I of Great Britain. During one of his port calls in Spain, he met his wife, Lady Anna Elisabetta de Valladolid. The rest, as they say, is history.

When he is not sailing the world, Lord Balthazar teaches his 5 children animal husbandry, gardening, and engineering.


Balthazar enjoys period wood working, archery, and brewing. He has recently picked up pewter casting, and has made tokens for several events.

He has plans to make a siege weapon, and would like to try his hand at combat archery one day.

Event Staff

  • Demo at Indian Ladder Farms, 6/11/2015
  • Demo at Indian Ladder Farms, 6/12/2016
  • Demo at Clifton Park Library, 8/20/2016
  • Demo at Genericon, 3/4/2017
  • Demo at Indian Ladder Farms, 6/10/2017
  • Demo at Crandall Library, 6/23/2018
  • Demo at Ft. William Henry, 9/22/2018
  • Autocrat, War of the Roses XXXIX, 5/24-27/2019

In Case of Court

Please contact wife, Lady Anna Elisabetta de Valladolid, Lord Asgar Rolfson, or Mistress Eikaterine tin Elliniki.

Due to how Covid19 changes in how one plays in the SCA, Balthazar is more than happy to receive any awards that are to be bestowed upon him, virtually.

Classes Taught

  • "I'd Feel Better With a Frog in My Throat, a Minikin's Introduction to Apothecary," Hunter's Moon, Sept 2016
  • "Making a Stargazer Chair," War of the Roses, May 2018

Photos of Work

Crandall Park Demo
Teaching Woodworking at WoTR 2018