Azim le Scout

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Azim le Scout in 2022
Resides: Baronie de L'ile du Dragon Dormant (IDD), Tir Mara
Status: Active
Awards: Order of Precedence
Heraldry Needed
Award & Office Badges
Award of Arms Blue Tyger Legion Companion of the Order of the Silver Tyger Companion of the Order of the Tygers Combattant Troubadour


Azim discovered SCA in 2012 at the Beltaine at Quebec on Ile D'Orléan. He discovered rottin fighting. The training was friendly and the fighting group was very fun. This event ended in a grandiose party around a fire, beer, food and songs. It was the beginning of a beautiful adventure with Al-Karakal. In his mondaine life, Azim is a IT or "Computer Firefighter". Family is very important to him, both biological and chosen. He loves to fight, have a good laugh, campfires, beer and songs. He is currently working on improving his photography skills. Photos are very important. They are an instant capture of an emotion, a historical event or a situation that can be referred to for eternity.


Azim and his wife Nariman with their two kids. After battle Unbelt-Alternate Team. Pennsic 2018


Al-Karakal and Friends at 100 min War 2022


Azim receiving OTC at A&S Kingdom Championship 2023. Photo from Eudes de Creully

Blue ClawsPen50.jpg

Azim is now authorised to Fencing with The Blue Claws Company at Pennsic 50


Azim had an Indian father who worked in the spice industry. One of his biggest customers was the King of France. He traveled lightly from India to France on his black Arab horse. He knew many safe shortcuts that enabled him to reach his destination quickly and easily. Azim's mother worked for the King of France as an herbalist. They met at the Château de France on a spice delivery. They fell in love and Azim's story begins:

Azim was educated in French in the château with other children of the nobility. His life was a dream. His father was always traveling to deliver spices to the king, and his mother worked at the château. Azim developed great skill at hiding in the forest, his father showing him how to be silent and move quickly in the forest. His mother showed him all the ingredients of the forest and how to use them.

At the age of 10, Azim went with his parents to visit India. Azim was old enough to make the trip. The trip was slower than his father was used to. During the trip, they came under attack from the Mongols. Azim lost his parents in the battle. He was able to survive the attack thanks to his ability to hide in the forest. Azim survives for some time, alternating between forests, villages and towns. He uses his talents as a singer or laborer to earn money. The young boy was captured and sold into slavery. Thanks to his education and skills, he was eventually sold to the Mameluks.

With the Mameluks, Azim found the same feeling in his childhood, a loving family. He quickly learned to fight, and by the age of 18 was one of the most formidable warriors.

Awards & Honors

  • Order of the Troubadour, (Beltaine, June 2023) by King Brennan & Queen Caoilfhionn
  • Order Tygers Combatant, (A&S Kingdom Championship, March 2023) by King Mohammad & Queen Corotica
  • Award of Durga, (Just Breathe, Lyndhaven, January 2023) by King Mohammad & Queen Corotica
  • Order of the Silver Tyger, (L'Ile du Dragon Dormant Baronial Investiture, March 2019) by King Wilhelm & Queen Vienna
  • Blue Tyger Legion for Al-Karakal's fighters (100 minutes War, November 2018) by King Wilhelm & Queen Vienna
  • Award of Arms, (Crown Tourney, Havre des Glaces, April 2016) by King Kenric & Queen Avelina

  • Balfar's Challenge Champions won by Le Ptit Train du Nord, 2019 (Angus, Galbraith, Azim)

Balfar-Petit train du Nord.jpg


Projects & Interests

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