Avelina Keyes

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Resides: Bridge
Status: Active
Awards: Order of Precedence
Per pale or and sable three keys in pale fesswise counterchanged
Award & Office Badges
Companion of the Order of the Rose Companion of the Order of the Pelican


Mistress Avelina Keyes of Lockwood is an archer, herald, and dabbler in many Arts and Sciences. She has one child, Aethelthryth Kenricing and is married to Kenric II of Warwick, her first husband, Kenric I, having been tragically struck down by arrows. She is the head of Lockwood Manor and is also a member of Duchy Von Drachenklaue, House Silverwing and Schola Lucerne.


Avelina is the daughter of the late Baron Lockwood. She served as her brother Henri's chatelaine while he was off on Crusade and managed his Estates. Upon news of his death, she inherited the title of Baroness of Lockwood and was promptly married off to a knight who had earned the King's favor.

Offices & Positions

  • DuPont Pursuivant, Barony of the Bridge, 2000-2003
  • Brigantia Herald, March 2003-March 2005

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