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Award Information
Type: Other Award
Founded: 04/26/2003 by Darius II and Roxane II

Revised 01/26/2014, by Kenric II and Avelina II

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The Augmentation of Arms may be awarded by The Crown to honor a person for service to the Kingdom or specifically to the Royalty. Each augmentation is specific to the individual awarded, to be added to his/her arms following consultation with the Brigantia Principal Herald. This honor is infrequently granted.

East Kingdom Law provides the following guidelines for an Augmentation of Arms:

i. The final decision for the nature of the Augmentation will be determined by the recipient.
ii. Should The Crown wish this augmentation be indicative of the King and/or Queen, The Crown has the option to provide the recipient with Permission to Conflict with the registered Personal Arms or Badge of either or both Royalty.
iii. Should The Crown wish this augmentation to be indicative of the Kingdom as whole or with a particular order of the East Kingdom, The Crown has the option to provide the recipient with Permission to Conflict with a designated Augmentation Badge or elements of the Badge of a specific Order.
iv. An Augmentation does not grant the permission to augment arms with a charge the recipient is not allowed to bear normally.
v. The Augmentation must follow the rules under the SCA College of Arms’ Standards for the Evaluation of Names and Armorial (SENA) A.3.A.3, C.4, and A.6.C.

All individuals who were previously presented with the Royal Augmentation of Arms or the East Kingdom Augmentation of Arms from prior Royalty from the East Kingdom are considered to have received this award, The Augmentation of Arms.



More Information

Previously this award was split into two versions: Royal Augmentation of Arms and East Kingdom Augmentation of Arms. As an individual can only register one Augmentation to their arms, per SCA College of Heralds rules, the two different kinds of Augmentation were phased out and replaced with this version.

The Royal Augmentation of Arms was established April 26, A.S. 37 by Darius II and Roxane II.

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