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Known As Astraea

Astrea at the East Kingdom Bardic Championship

Astraea at the East Kingdom Bardic Championship with guitar in hand. Photo taken by Paul Brunelle.
Resides: Bergental
Status: Active
Awards: Order of Precedence
Astraea Arms v2.png
Black and gold. A five-pointed flower atop a spear on one side, a gorgon on the other.
Award & Office Badges
Companion of the Order of the Silver Tyger
East Kingdom Bardic Champion (Consorts)


Jasmine Rochelle Goodspeed [She/They] (Nipmuc) is a Massachusetts based actor, singer/songwriter, playwright and director. Prior to the pandemic she produced free Shakespeare in the park at Look Park for 5 years under the name “Billy Shakes Free Shakespeare”. She graduated from Umass Amherst with degrees in Theatre, English, and a certificate from the 5 colleges in Native Studies. Most notably, Jasmine has written, produced, and acted in a musical about her tribe, the Nipmuc people of Massachusetts. This musical was titled 1675, and told the story of King Philips War and the tragedy of Deer Island. Recently, Jasmine has performed in collaboration with the Wampanoag Nation and Theatre Royal Plymouth in the UK. In the past, she has done work with Double Edge Theatre, Arts Emerson, Safe Harbors, Silverthorne, WAM, and Plays in Place writing a piece for Historic Northampton. Jasmine was also one of the founding members for Ohketeau Cultural center in Ashfield, MA, and notes a great achievement in the establishment and reception of over $500k for the Native Youth Empowerment Foundation.

As Astraea (formally Astrapia Gorgopa), she is a member of La Familia and is proud to count herself among one of Timbrien's Valkyries. As Consorts Bardic Champion and as a member of the SCA, her goals are to bring as much of her professional life as a theatrical performer to the populace as she can. From offering performances at events to classes concerning clowning, Commedia Dell'Arte, Shakespeare, Greek theater, theater history, performance, ballad writing, sonnet writing, and more-- she hopes that she can help provide spaces filled with passion and joy. She hopes to get to know everyone better in time, and always welcomes those who wish to engage in conversation.


4th Century Greek Astrapia Gorgopa -- the stars that fall from the heaven, Gorgon eyed

Offices & Positions

  • Name of Position: Consorts Bardic Champion of the East - 02/2024 to Bardic Championship 2025

Projects & Publications

Astrea's website

In Case of Court

I prefer to be surprised, but need heavy coordination with my schedule. Please contact Timbrien to coordinate <3