Arianwen of Urquhart

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Baroness Arianwen of Urquhart
Awards: Order of Precedence
Arianwen of Urquhart Device.jpg
Vert, a horned Pegasus salient argent, armed, orbed and unguled azure.
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Baroness Arianwen of Urquhart came to know the Society originally in the Barony of Carolingia, East Kingdom, in the fall of A.S. XIII. She resided in Carolingia for six years, the first several in the Borough of Felding. She assisted in several events, served as Dance Mistress for one year, and constructed the East Kingdom Battle Standard presented to the Kingdom by her household, House Silverwing. She received her Award of Arms in the Last Court of Michael and Carissa at the Coronation of Siegfried and Wanda in A.S. XV. In A.S. XX she then moved to the Kingdom of Meridies being active for a while, but mundane life interfered and she took a hiatus for about five years. She once again became active by returning to Pennsic XXIII, in A.S. XXIX, reconnecting with her Silverwing family. Later, she also joined Wishford Hall, in the Barony of the Bridge, which later form the joint household of Ancaster (comprised of members of three households with many overlapping members: Silverwing, Schola Lucerna, and Wishford Hall). She was made a Baroness of the Court by Kenric I and Avelina I, at Pennsic XLI in A.S. XLVII. She remains the hereditary standard bearer for the East Kingdom, and brings it to each Pennsic War -- Ancaster, top of the Battlefield on the corner of Bannockburn and Agincourt, Duck & Bell windwalls -- Stop by, we pay in homemade cookies for a song or story.


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