Antonius Gracchus

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Gracchus aka "Twyg" on the field
Resides: Ostgardr
Status: Active
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Field of sable, Or frame with sable orbs, Or sun with sable jackdaw volant with argent detail.
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First introduced by Timbrien and outfitted by La Familia Gladiatoria via Caius Ignatius Pontianus, Antonius "Twyg" Gracchus began his path at the Nutley practice in Settmour Swamp. Whether on the melee field, between bouts in the tourney, or at an event, you will hear him known as either Twyg or Gracchus.

Antonius Twyg Gracchus' skills were built and are constantly tested through his fortuitous proximity to Settmour Swamp with the ability to train at the infamous Nutley practice. From his residence in the Northern-most reaches of Østgarðr, Twyg's network of fighters to learn from is ever-extending, and you can find him frequenting weekly practices as far North as Bergental to practice with his House - La Familia Gladiatoria and at the Southernmost regions of Settmour Swamp

Twyg's first event was before his three months anniversary of donning heavy armor, 100 Minutes War XXXII, where he participated in both the Novice tourney and main event. This cinched his already-expected desire to continue to be a part of the rich world of our making.

His preferred weapon types are Sword and Shield. He dons a lighter armor kit, preferring fast harrier/flanking roles.


Antonius Twyg Gracchus hails from lands west of the Danube, though he made his way east and has incorporated into duty with the Roman Legions. Since he is of good family standing and considering the recent changes of Septimius Severus, he has been able to join the lowest rank of the Praetorian Guard. During his time in Rome he met his wife Salvia Angelii. His duties are administrative, and he moonlights as an artisan and leather armorer. However, as with all Praetorian Guardsmen, he hones his combat skills frequently and is ready to fight for both Emperor or Monarch.

Antonius Twyg Gracchus debating "important" things. Antonius Twyg Gracchus debating "important" things.


Man at Arms to Jonathan Miles 02/15/2023

Awards Received

None as of 03/2023

Offices & Positions

None as of 03/2023

Family and Associations

Husband to Salvia Angelii

TGracchus Salvia.jpg
Antonius Twyg Gracchus and Salvia Angelii prior to the grueling trial of the bear pit held in the Market Day at Birka XXXII

Squire sibling to Alexander Krause, Markus Farmaðr and Rosa

Projects & Publications

  • Shield painting, Acrylic on metal, 02/17/2023
  • Tafl set - Tablut. Created for an auction for the upcoming reign Brennan and Caoilfhionn, Leather, stones, 03/02/2023

In Case of Court

If summoned to court, please use full name Antonius "Twyg" Gracchus. He/Him preferred.
Surprises welcomed, please contact my knight Jonathan Miles, Salvia Angelii or Caius Ignatius Pontianus

More Information

Man at Arms to Jonathan Miles
Fledgling member of House La Familia Gladiatoria
Reaper - One Round Jan 23 completion - Reaper Challenge
Nickname: Twig