Anton of Winteroak

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Anton of Winteroak and Enoch von Aachen, March 2008.
Resides: Local group name in the East, or Kingdom name if out of the East (put in [[]])
Status: Semi-Active
Awards: Order of Precedence
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Master Anton of Winteroak (OL). semi-active. Former fighter, preferring two-sword, originally squired to Sir Tredenis Vilkas (The White Wolf) of Winteroak. Also active in Astronomy (and sciences in general). Later became an Apprentice Scribe to Johannes von Narrenstein, leading eventually to joining the Order of the Laurel. In declining years, fell in with a bad lot and joined the theater, especially i Sebastiani.


16th Century Vienna & Northern Italy Scholar (and Commedia dell'Arte Actor) I've used other times and places for various special projects.

Offices & Positions

  • Seneschal of Rusted Woodland 1983-6
  • Kingdom MoAS 1986-7
  • MoAS Carolingia (several years)
  • Kingdom Chancellor of the University (I forget which year(s)).
  • Capocomico of i Sebastiani for a couple years in the mid 1990's

Projects & Publications

  • I wrote a TI article about the history of the Calendar sometime around 1984.
  • I created (with help) a triquetum based on Brhae's description of the one Copernicus used.
  • I was the project lead on the so-called OMG scroll given to Rhonwen Glyn Conwy for her Laurel.
  • I built the i Sebastiani web-site.

More Information

Married to Mistress Elayne Courtenay.