Anna Serena

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AnnaSerena Waterbearing1.jpg
Anna Serena - Photo Credit Brenden Crane
Resides: Malagentia
Status: Active
Awards: Order of Precedence
Per chevron purpure and argent, three daisies countercharged
Award & Office Badges
Award of Arms Companion of the Order of the Silver Wheel Provincial Martial Honor

Please Note

This persona has been retired.


Anna stumbled across the SCA quite by accident in 2010. GNEW XXV (2011) was her first event. She began volunteering in service / support roles at that event, and rarely attended events through 2023 without volunteering her time or her cookies in support of the event and its attendees/staff.


3rd century. Married to Roman legionnaire Dominus Titus Claudius Silvanus of Legio XX. Travels with the legion on campaigns throughout Britannia. Skilled baker.


Event Staff

  • Co-Steward - Harvest Moon, Malagentia, 9/2023
  • Vigil Food Coordinator - the elevation of Sir Matthew MacGyver, Pennsic, 2023
  • Head of Waterbearing / Battlefield Support - GNEW, Malagentia, 7/2019
  • Dayboard Steward - Autumn's Inspirations, Malagentia, 10/2018
  • Head of Waterbearing / Battlefield Support - GNEW, Malagentia, 7/2018
  • Head of Waterbearing / Battlefield Support - GNEW, Malagentia, 7/2017
  • Head of Waterbearing - Crown Tournament, Malagentia, 10/2016
  • Head of Waterbearing / Battlefield Support - GNEW, Malagentia, 7/2016
  • Day-Feast Deputy - Autumn’s Inspirations, Malagentia, 11/2015
  • Deputy of Waterbearing / Battlefield Support - GNEW, Malagentia, 7/2015
  • Dayboard Deputy - Heavy List U, Malagentia, 4/2015

Other Volunteer Service

  • Head of Service for State Dinner - Pennsic, 8/2018
  • Dayboard Staff - Autumn's Inspirations, Malagentia, 11/2017
  • Waterbearing Volunteer - GNEW, Malagentia, 7/2014
  • Waterbearing Volunteer - GNEW, Malagentia, 7/2013
  • Waterbearing Volunteer - GNEW, Malagentia, 7/2012
  • Waterbearing Volunteer - GNEW, Malagentia, 7/2011


Projects & Publications

  • "Answer the Call: Tales from a Waterbearer" - The Moonstone, Summer 2014 Issue


  • Battlefield Support/ Waterbearing (You WILL eat a sandwich! You WILL drink the things!)
  • Cooking and baking (but especially baking)
  • Fiber Arts (knitting and crochet, sewing, some embroidery)
  • Calligraphy, with particular interest for early period hands

In Case of Court