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Angelline at Pennsic
Resides: Malagentia
Status: Active
Awards: Order of Precedence
Angelline corbett heraldry.jpg
Sable, a crow argent within bordure counter compony sable and argent.
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Award of Arms


Member of House Blackthorne

"I'm kind of a big deal in the East." - Unknown


Lady Angelline Corbett was born in the Cantabria region of Spain in the late 1500’s. She was an unruly child who preferred swordplay to needleplay in the days of her youth, though in time would come to appreciate sticking both men and fabric with the “pointy end”. Angelline spent the summers of her early years longing to sail with the great Spanish ships, and developing her skill with the blade. Stifled by her homelife, she began to experience the world around her. She frequented many a dockside tavern where she made friends with the sailors. Finally, her chance came, and Angelline seized it with an eager first.

Escaping the drudgery of an arranged marriage to a cheesemaker, Angelline stowed away aboard the San Salvador to find her fortune. Sadly the ship sustained heavy damage when a gunpowder magazine exploded. In the resulting confusion, Angelline managed to escape capture but had to rely on her sharp wit and tongue to survive in the land of her enemy, the English.

Knowing full well she could never return to the glory that was Spain, and having garnered some renown, Angelline began a new life as a privateer.

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Autocrat, GNEW 2023

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