Angelina Capasso

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Lady Angelina Capasso
Resides: Barony of Bergental
Status: Active
Awards: Order of Precedence
Chococat heraldry.jpeg
Preferred Heraldry Appearance Chococat Rampant Maintaining Daisy proper, Leaved and slipped, on Field Bright Pink-

Gules, a Latin cross Or and issuant from base a daisy slipped and leaved proper
Award & Office Badges
AngelaCapassoDevice.JPGOrder of the Cup of Saint BrigidBlue Tyger Legion


Lady Angelina Capasso, Student to Nest verch Tangwistel and Ernst Nuss von Kitzingen.


Lady Angelina Capasso was the rich wife of a prosperous draper in 15th century Florence, Italy. Angelina ran the shop while her husband ventured on trading expeditions to the Middle East, supplying their shop with amazing silks, linens, brocades and velvets to sell. It was during one such trading venture that her husband vanished under mysterious circumstances, leaving Angelina a widow. As a widow, Angelina decided to move to Tudor England (hey, we're a Fictional group) where she has set up her shop next to a handsome tailor. She now occasionally works embroidery for high paying clients.

Offices & Positions

Retinues Served

Event Staff

  • MOL for Birka Heavy list 2014-2019
  • Co Autocrat for Bergental Novice Schola 2019 and 2020, 2022


If Angelina is to receive any further awards, they would like them to be granted at a physical event, in the presence of their friends.

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