Angela Vittoria di Enrico Spinelli

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Taken outside an event
Resides: Canton of Seashire, Barony of Ruantallan
Status: Active
Awards: Order of Precedence
Angela Vittoria di Enrico Spinelli Arms.jpg
Per pale vairy in pale argent and sable and sable
Award & Office Badges
Companion of the Order of the Maunche Order of the Iceberg Award of Arms
Minister of Arts and Science


Registered as Angela Vittoria di Enrico Spinelli, Nov 2019. Please use on documents. Previously known as Tarazed, will still answer to it as I've used it for 22 years.

Started playing in the SCA in November 2001, stopped between summer 2007 and spring 2014.


1550s Florentine Italian. The Spinelli family deals in silk and wool.

Event Staff

  • Crash space and Ride Coordinator, EKU (RP), Barony of Ruantallan, November 2019.
  • COVID check, Spring Awakening, Barony of Ruantallan, June 2022.
  • COVID check, Iberian Reception (RP), Barony of Ruantallan, August 2022.
  • COVID check, Baronial Investiture Anniversary, Barony of Ruantallan, November 2022.


Tablet weaving, inkle weaving, embroidery, knitting, spinning, dyeing, chainmaille.

In Case of Court

Surprising me is fine, please let Mawdlyn Atwater know.

More Information

Won Best in Weaving at Northern Lights, AS XLI.