Andreas IV and Gabriella II

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Sovereign: Andreas der Eisfalke
Consort: Gabriella von Ulm
East Kingdom Crown #: 83
Preceded by: Darius IV and Alethea
Succeeded by: Konrad II and Brenwen II


  • Established the Golden Kinder, given to children (under the age of 18) of the East who display or perform works of Arts & Sciences that manifest the spirit of the East Kingdom Arts. Established July 18, A.S. 44 and renamed as the Award of Gilder January 25 A.S. 49 by Edward III and Thyra II.
  • King and Queen for Pennsic 38 (2009). East 4, Mid 0, Known World Alliance 2, East/Mid Alliance 2.


  • Chief of Staff: Baron Diomedes Sebastianus
  • Royal Secretary: Mistress Katherine Barr
  • Royal Herald: Mistress Alys MacIntosh
  • Head Lady in Waiting: Magdalena
  • Head Retainer: Sir Wilhelm VonOstenbruke
  • Captain of the Queen's Guard: Baron Don Caine Ramsey
  • Lieutenant of the Queen's Guard: Baroness Engracia de Madrigal
  • Lieutenant of the Queen's Guard: Baron Ronan
  • Lieutenant of the Queen's Guard: Master Ryan Mac Whyte - Retired 9/26/09
    • Lieutenant of the Queen's Guard: Don Pasquale - Replaced Ryan




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