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Award Information
Type: Other Awards
Founded: 07/17/2022 by Ryouko'jin and Indrakshi
Premiere(s): Unknown
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The name 'Anansi's Web' is a placeholder, pending name and badge registration with the College of Heralds. Once this award's registration is finalized, if the name differs from the placeholder, this page will be moved to reflect the award's permanent name, all references will be updated, and this note will be removed. --Cordelya (talk) 11:59, 13 December 2023 (EST)

The Award of Anansi's Web may be given to an individual who demonstrates exceptional skill in teaching within the Society.

The Award of Anansi's Web may be bestowed for superlative teaching in any art, science, or service, or in any of the martial disciplines.

The Award of Anansi's Web may be awarded by the Sovereign or Consort individually, or by the Crown acting together.

Individuals may receive this award more than once, for additional acts of teaching.

Recipients of the Award of Anansi's Web are entitled to receive a token bearing the badge of the award.



Token pending as of 12/13/2023

More Information

  • link to EK OP (placeholder - as of 12/13/2023 the EK OP has no summary page for this award)

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