Ana de Guzman

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Resides: Shire of Rusted Woodlands
Status: Active
Awards: Order of Precedence
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Or, a pomegranate slipped and leaved within a bordure gules bezanty
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Maestra Ana de Guzman. I stumbled across a demo in the Barony of An Crosaire two years before Trimaris became a kingdom, but did not start to play until I stumbled across a demo in the Canton formerly known as Whyte Whey. Once I began playing in earnest, I have lived in the Crown Province of Ostgardr and the Shire of Rusted Woodlands. I am primarily a poet, literally a poet laureate in this context. I like researching cultures that take their poetry seriously. Selected Awards (the Wiki is not the place to do a full awards list).


My primary persona is (depending on garb and inclination) from the 13th or 16th century Iberian peninsula. Secondary personas (not yet registered) are generic Norse (Agnete Jessupsdottir) and late Heian/early Kamakura Japanese (Kikkawa Michime). She is a widow of a minor German nobleman who has since remarried another minor German nobleman. She takes the study of poetry seriously, but during the recent plague had taken up sewing to pass the time. Describe your persona and persona history (as much as you wish). Consider the narrative you'd like to share with someone you've just met. If you know it, what time and place does your persona inhabit? What is their status or profession? If you think it is relevant, what is their gender identity?

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Minister of Arts & Science, 12/01/2022 to present

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