Anéžka​ Liška​ z Kolína

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Anéžka as court herald at GNEW 2022
Resides: Barony of Carolingia
Status: Active
Awards: Order of Precedence
Anezka device.png
Per bend bevilled Or and vert.
Award & Office Badges
Companion of the Order of the Silver CrescentCompanion of the Order of the Silver RapierCompanion of the Order of the Silver WheelOrder of the DaystarOrder of the MoonOrder of Perseus


Anéžka​ Liška​ z Kolína (she/they) came to the Society in AS 51 because she collects hobbies and the SCA is basically just one big collection of hobbies; she stayed because it's also a monument to enthusiasm and interconnected communities. Her main passion is heraldry of all kinds, with a specialty in Czech onomastics, though she recently began studying Italian rapier (Fabris, primarily) and has rapidly fallen just as deeply in love with it — look for her among the heralds or the fencers, at most events.

Anéžka is also enthusiastic about weaving, calligraphy, music (particularly harp music), pottery, connecting people to other people, shenanigans, being useful, and probably plenty of other things they just haven't dipped a toe into yet.


Anéžka lives in late 14th/early 15th century Bohemia, in the town of Kolín; anything more precise than that is yet to be determined.

"(Fieldless) A fox's mask Or charged on the forehead with a lozenge vert"
Anéžka's badge



  • Blue Tyger Herald (kingdom submissions herald), July 2022 to present.
  • Webminister for the Blue Tyger Herald website, July 2021 to present.
  • Pantheon Herald (submissions deputy), March 2021 to June 2022.
  • Decision staff for Wreath Sovereign of Arms, November 2020 to present.
  • Decision staff for Pelican Sovereign of Arms, August 2020 to present.
  • Golden Gryphon Pursuivant, Barony of Carolingia, August 2018 to July 2021.


  • Server owner and moderator for the Knowne World Heraults discord server, December 2021 to present.
  • Group admin for the What's My Blazon facebook group, August 2018 to present.

Event staff:

  • Event co-steward, virtual Known World Heraldic and Scribal Symposium, Jan 2024
  • Heraldic staff for Matthias and Æsa feilinn, 2023-2024
  • Heraldic staff for Brennan IV and Caoilfhionn IV, 2023
  • Heraldic staff for Mohammad and Corotica, 100 Minutes War, Nov 19 2022
  • Heraldic staff for Ryouko'jin and Indrakshi, 2022
  • List herald, Crown Tournament of Ioannes II & Honig II, Nov 6 2021
  • Court herald, First Court of Fiore & Frithuric, Virtual Falling Leaves, Sep 11 2021
  • List herald and general dogsbody, Crown feeder tourney (Quintavia/Carolingia edition), Jul 3 2021
  • Scroll reader, various Ethereal Courts of Tindal and Alberic, 2020-2021

Projects, accomplishments, and accolades:


Anéžka is a Fabris/Capoferro fencer, but has also begun studying Domingo Luis Godinho's 1599 Art of Fencing as a side project.

Classes & Publications

  • Or and Vert, Anéžka's blog
  • Heraldic Consults 101 - first taught at Virtual Midyear KWHSS, Jan 2022
  • How to SENA (or, Where the Heck Do I Find That?) - first taught at KWHSS, Jul 2021
  • What is Heraldry? - first taught at Carolingia Newcomer Night, Apr 2021
  • Documenting Name Patterns - first taught at Virtual Midyear KWHSS, Jan 2021
  • Blazonry for Scribes - first taught at Virtual Midyear KWHSS, Jan 2021
  • Laurels Challenge entries, May 2021


In Case of Court

When planning awards for Anéžka, surprises are welcome but by no means required. Because community is important to them, however, please do not keep awards a surprise from their family and friends, particularly Gavin Kent and Remy Delamontagne de Gascogne. Please also notify the relevant Order prior to the award. Awards in Ethereal Court are acceptable.

Scrolls created and read by her friends are preferred, as are scroll texts based explicitly on period sources. Despite being primarily focused on Czech (and always appreciative of Czech sources!), she also has great fondness for Middle English and Latin, and particularly enjoys the many inconsistent spelling variations found in period texts.

A note about pronouns: as you may observe from this page, "she/they" is a fully interchangeable set of pronouns; neither one is more preferred than the other.
A note about titles: though they are now the bearer of a grant-level award, please do not use THL or its variants for Anéžka. They have strong opinions about this post-period form of address and the fact that per Corpora, grants carry no difference in titles from awards; they will continue to use Lady (or Scholar, in fencing contexts) until they are entitled to something else. Most of the time, though, they prefer to go without a title, as the important titles to them are heraldic ones, and those aren't appropriate for every situation.

More Information

Pronunciation: ah-NEZH-kah LISH-kah zkoh-LEEN-ah (IPA: [ˈanɛʒka lɪʃka z koliːna]) - the standalone "z" is very subtle, more like you're saying "lishka's koleena". Yes, this is a nonsense Czech name. Yes, she did this to herself. No, she's not going to be offended if you get it wrong.

Registered heraldry

Anéžka does not have a Peer or official mentor at this time; if you have feedback for them, please seek them out and deliver it directly. The majority of their rapier instruction comes from Remy and Donovan, so commentary on that can also be directed to them.

While the image above of her heraldry is the art as originally registered, Anéžka's love for period inconsistencies extends to heraldry as well; as such, here are several examples of heraldically-equivalent ways one might depict her device.