Ameline qui dosnoie

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Ameline qui dosnoie
Resides: Shire of Midland Vale
Status: Active
Awards: Order of Precedence
Ameline Device 20180711.png
Sable, a panther couchant argent spotted and collared azure incensed proper, on a chief dovetailed argent three roses slipped and leaved azure.
Award & Office Badges
Award of Arms
Minister of Lists


Ameline qui dosnoie (AH-may-leen KEE DUN-wah) officially joined the SCA in 2018. She has been scadian-adjacent for many years, but has been enjoying delving into the full world of the SCA. She has lived in Concordia of the Snows and now resides in the Shire of Midland Vale.


Ameline is a 16th century French woman who became a courtesan because her mother, a widow, could not afford to marry her off. She traveled to Venice for a chance at better fortunes and training. In Venice, Ameline received proper training as a courtesan and excelled in all things she tried her hand in. Once she was successful enough, Ameline traveled the world wherever work and the best parties led her. She can be seen wearing beautiful outfits from all manner of eras and locales, donning whatever seems prettiest at the time.




 THL Bartholomew Sharpe


  • Award of Arms from Tindal and Alberic - January 2021

Offices & Positions

  • Minister of Lists, Shire of Midland Vale, 07/16/2019 to present

In Case of Court

In this time of isolation, awards in Ethereal Court are both requested and preferred to waiting to be done in person.

Please no surprises. I have quite a lot of social anxiety. If I need to be called before someone, please do so in a smaller setting than court (eg., roving court, sitting in state). Even local court is too much for me. Please contact THL Brendan Firebow


Ameline practices most forms of fiber arts. She is a gatherer of crafts and is always looking for more to dabble in.

Some of Her Art