Amaris Taranis Gremlin

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Amaris & Cailte Waiting on opening ceremonies Pennsic 2022.jpg
Amaris, wee & in blue, with Righ Tuatha Cailte Crobdurg Mac Scandal, arguably less wee & in red, waiting for Pennsic opening ceremonies 2022.
Resides: Quintavia
Status: Technically Active
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Heraldry Needed (Feel free to hound them about that...)
Award & Office Badges


Amaris has been playing in the SCA since dragged into the SCA kicking & screaming by Righ Tuatha Cailte Crobdurg Mac Scandal some point between 2004 & 2006. They are now coming back after a short hiatus, this time only kicking & pouting.


Amaris Taranis Gremlin is Irish. Unless they need to be otherwise, such as Roman when it's extremely hot out, or viking for colder weather. They're not picky.

Interests & Awards

  • Camping
  • Splitting time between camp parent & camp gremlin
  • Shenanigans
  • Jazz Hands when necessary, Finger Guns when excited
  • It's not R.B.F., that face is always active, we'll call it A.B.F.
  • Coffee


In Case of Court

  • Contact Righ Tuatha Cailte Crobdurg Mac Scandal
  • If possible inform Lady Kathryn Foxburrow, and Senyora Beatrice Brasa
  • Surprises are strongly discouraged, when possible a more private setting is preferred. If called into court they may remove Righ Tuatha Cailte Crobdurg Mac Scandal's kidney. No one wants that. For the love of my kidney don't call them into court publicly... Seriously, I've grown attached to it over the years...