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Alric the Younger and Ástríðr Sægeirsdottir
Resides: The Barony of Stonemarche
Status: Active
Awards: Order of Precedence
Vert, a boar's head erased and on a chief enarched argent four broadheads vert.
Award & Office Badges
Companion of the Order of the Silver Brooch Award of Arms Furison


I actually attended my first SCA event in 1989 after having met some folks at a demo. All that said, we were just two teens in green tabards soaking it all in. Since then realistically I have been in and out dropping by the odd event here and there until the past couple of years as my Wife, Ástríðr Sægeirsdottir and I have become more and more involved.

I find myself enjoying Archery, Thrown Weapons and learning all the things. I do believe I am a true dabbler (I am tempted to create a 'Things I've Tried' list but I don't know if there is enough room.)


Alric the Younger is from 11th century England. While I have not nailed down much more than that, I do know that I would like to explore the history of 'travelers' during that time period.  How safe was it to explore the different lands and areas?  Could the common person do just that?  I think that this would go a long way to developing a persona that truly likes to dabble in one area or another, as opposed to settling down into a single profession. As I research the Anglo Saxon world a bit more, I may choose a slightly earlier time but we will see.

I am finding that I am enjoying both woodworking and toolmaking, and my current 'big' project is to research and construct a pole lathe appropriate to the time. It is possible that turners also traveled from town to town as evidenced by wooden bowls that were 'repaired' after a crack, rather than replaced. I am thinking that this means the turner wasn't always around to make a new one... but please for the moment, don't quote me on that.

Name Documentation - While my name is official through the College of Heralds, I thought I would keep an eye out for the name Alric within the time period.

  • The Anglo Saxon Chronicle, in AD 798 - "Alric, the son of Herbert, was slain,"
  • I need to find it again - but I remember seeing a Royal Minter out of London by the Name of Alric - around 1000

Projects & Publications

I now have a Blog! -

Past Projects

I am looking for a better way to organize this but in the meantime in no particular order...

Frame Saw
The Start of a new hat
Skjoldehamn Hood
Six-Panel Hat in Progress
  • Arrows
I will remember finishing the tips of these in the hotel room the night before a Great Northeastern War and not getting a chance to use them the following day.
  • A couple of Javelins
These really turned out to be Irish throwing darts (is what I think someone called them, but they have spurred me to make some others.
  • A Haithabu Bag AS-L
What was great about this project is that it was the first time I wrote some documentation for an item. Documentation
  • A six-panel hat - AS-LI
Constructed using the leftover material from the Haithabu Bag, this too is all hand stitched. The wool outer shell and the linen lining are assembled. I have added an embroidered band around the brim and stitched it down in place.
  • Skjoldehamn Inspired Hood - June AS-LII
As it figures, now that I've built this hood I found another document that makes me want to start it all over again. This hood started out in white linen which I dyed using modern dyes. I then used a natural linen thread to blanket stitch the edges. The seams are sewn with a silk thread.
  • A new linen tunic
For the longest time, this has been sitting around half-constructed as I really didn't like the 'teal' color of the material. I finally have found RIT Dye remover[1] and it has removed much of the green leaving it a very pleasant blue. While not completely finished, I will someday add some embroidered trim.
  • Nålebinding
I have struggled with this craft for years and reached an Ah Ha Moment at the Market Day at Birka, 2018 during a very informal class. Thicker Yarn (as also suggested by another,) and the Finnish 2+2 Stitch made all the difference in the world. A second class about a month later was also just as helpful as I had a few more specific questions and this teacher was able to add a few other tricks to the table. I now have a Travelers hat!
  • Pants, Pants, and More Pants - Based on the Thorsbjerg Trousers
Due to Baronial Decree - I have finished a pair of heavy wool trousers and two pairs of Linnen. The Wool pair is all hand sewn while the other two relied on the machine.
  • Frame Saw
Finally complete, this frame saw has my first real attempt at carving.


  • Pole Lathe
Make some tools - make a lathe - make a bowl - break a bowl - repair the bowl.
  • Winingas
Thanks to Albreda Aylese for lending me a 4 shaft Jack loom, I'll be able to start these after completing a couple of learning projects.
  • Too many projects
I"m really a dabbler at heart. Aisles of Marche 2022 has kind of inspired me after a long drought due in part to the plague.

Future Projects (in no particular order)

  • Sprang
I bought a great book at Birka 2018 that I hope will inspire me to try this again sooner than later.

Guilds and Affiliations

  • Underforester of the East Kingdom Foresters Guild, The Royal Forest of Stonemarche
  • Member of the Royal East Kingdom Moneyers Guild
  • Member of the East Kingdom Blacksmiths Guild
  • Member of the Fiber Artists of the East Kingdom
  • Member of Arachne's Web Lace Guild
  • Stonemarche Dabblers Guild

In Case of Court

A surprise is fantastic - please contact my wife, Ástriðr Sægeirrsdottir and Laurel Steffan of Silverforge. In person is preferred over virtual.

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