Alexandre Saint Pierre

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Alexandre Wearing Penner.jpg
Photo by Baron Johann Boese
Resides: Malagentia
Status: Active
Awards: Order of Precedence
Quarterly vert and sable, in saltire a key Or and a key argent.
Award & Office Badges
Award of Arms Grand Master Bowman Sagittarius Companion of the Order of the Maunche Companion of the Order of the Laurel

Archery Marshal Herald

Titles and Forms of Address

As the title "Master" is uncomfortable for many, please refer to me as "Professeur Alexandre" when formal address is required or you wish to use it. I'm 100% fine with being called "Alexandre" or "Lord Alexandre" as well.


Alexandre Saint Pierre resides in the Province of Malagentia (Southern Maine) with his lady, Adrienne d'Evreus. Formerly an Apprentice to Mistress Carolyne de la Pointe, he is a scrivener with an unnatural love of calligraphy & author of a scribal blog called the Pensive Pen. When not bent over a scroll or teaching others the joys of scribal art, he can often be found helping people design a heraldic device or on the archery range working as a Marshal or practicing.

Alexandre first found his way to the SCA in the mid '90s, drawn in by archery in the Shire of Frosted Hills of the East Kingdom. Soon after he returned to Malagentia where he became interested in the art of defense, and spent several years studying and then helping to teach rapier combat; finally being named a Provost in the League of Rapier Academies before hanging up his rapier.

His interest in archery returned, and he spent several years becoming deadly with a crossbow before being recognized as a Grand Master Bowman. Continuing on the theme of precision involving feathers, he became a calligrapher. Recently, he's also spent time learning the ins and outs of being an armory-focused herald.


(Current) 1380's France. Raised in Southern France, Alexandre worked in his youth as a mercenary crossbowman and company clerk for Gaston Phoebus. He has since left that service and passed through Northern France where he works as a Lieutenant within Colonel Woolfe's companies. He works as a calligrapher for hire when not on campaign with the Companies.

(Retired) Late 16th century France. Originally working to make his fame as a swordsman, he was civilized for polite society by his friends and the Lady Ninian. Having been mostly extracted from the rough taverns of his youth, he now spends his time working as Lieutenant in Wolfe's Privateers, rallying the archers of the kingdom, and studying the art of beautiful script.

Offices & Positions

  • Archery Commander, Northern Region, East Kingdom: 10/01/2008 to 10/1/2012.
  • Archery Captain, Province of Malagentia, East Kingdom: 12/01/2006 to 9/30/2008.

Event Staff

  • Archery Co-Steward (with Adrienne d'Evreaux), Harvest Moon, Malagentia, 9/14/2013
  • Archery Marshal-in-Charge, Harvest Moon, Malagentia, 9/26/2009
  • Autocrat, Harvest Moon, Malagentia, 9/27/2008
  • Archery Marshal-in-Charge, GNEW, 7/11/2008 - 7/13/2008
  • Autocrat, Harvest Moon, Malagentia, 10/31/2007
  • Archery Marshal-in-Charge, GNEW, 7/13/2007 - 7/15-2007


  • Lieutenant in Wolfe's Privateers
  • Graduated Apprentice to Mistress Carolyne de la Pointe in the study of the scribal arts.
  • Author of the Pensive Pen, a blog on Calligraphy:

Activities & Interests

  • Scribal: East Kingdom Scribe, Calligraphy Teaching
  • Archery: Marshaling; String, Bolt & Arrow making; Crossbow Building; Teaching Technique & Bolt/Arrow making.
  • Music: Singer; Guitarist; Drummer.
  • Woodworking: His Crossbow, and some furniture work.

Other Facts

  • May have inadvertently coined the phrase, "by the beard of Saint Kenric's Ghost!"

In Case of Court

  • Please contact Adrienne d'Evreus.
  • Surprise is okay, but I don't mind being summoned ahead of time.
  • Should I ever receive a 2nd peerage, a writ is requested.
  • Scribal preferences:
    • I enjoy calligraphy: cadels, flourishes, long texts, document scrolls & period spelling all appreciated.
    • Late-period styles preferred, they do not have to match my persona.