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Founded: 2009 by Mohammad Al-Manil Al-Wajdi Al-Abderrafi Ibn Horrah Ibn Gowan
Status: Active
Award Badges
Blue Tyger Legion


Furûsiyya! Asabiyya!

These are the words you hear when Al-Karakal's soldiers are on their way to war.

Every fighter of Al-Karakal, is a mamluk, a slave soldier, from the 13th century. They can come from everywhere and they are enslaved as one big army. Forever in the service of the Crown, their conquests brought them great power and wealth.

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The household was created by Mohammad Al-Manil Al-Wajdi Al-Abderrafi Ibn Horrah Ibn Gowan in 2009. Located in Tir Mara, most of its members are from the Barony of Havre des Glaces (Québec) and the Barony of Ile du Dragon Dormant (Montréal). Although Al-Karakal is famous for its great spearman, its strenght lies in the work of coordination between their quick spears, their strong sword and shields and their fierce polearms. Their hard work brought them to receive the Blue Tyger Legion at 100 Minutes War in 2018, by King Wilhelm and Queen Vienna. Balfar's Challenge has been won by Al-Karakal's Triads for the past three years (2018, 2019 and 2022).


(by Order of Precedence)

Founder and supreme commander

Executive Counsel


  • Sir Angus MacHaley
  • Sir Galbraith McGowan
  • Mistress Marguerite de Gui (Pelican)
  • The Honorable Lord Holev Disgratiov (OTC)
  • The Honorable Lord Svend of Al-Karakal (OTC)
  • The Honorable Lord Hakan Al Bashir Abdallah (OTC)
  • The Honorable Lord Ikhlas Al-Chakib (OTC)
  • The Honorable Lord Iakov Zbikowsky (OTC)
  • The Honorable lord Kiril Al-Ghadab Hallamet (OTC/OSW)
  • The Honorable Lord Will le Phoénix (OTC)
  • Baroness Aïcha (CB)
  • Lord Bierov le Hellequin (OSW/OST)
  • Lord Sa'id (OST)
  • Lord Ja'far Al'Khasm (OST)
  • Lady Khayra Bint Sa'id (OSB/OSW)
  • Lord Boltok Sagdiyev le thérapeute (OSW/OST)
  • Lord Septemris of Al-Karakal (OSB/OST)
  • Lord Finnegan Aldwald (OST)
  • Lady Julianna Berners (OSB/OSW)
  • Lady Eins Von Reikswart (OSW)
  • Lord Falko Al-Fendsadia (SAE)
  • Lord Avista Mustafa ibn' Abdul-'Aziz (AoA)
  • Lord John Williams of Farnham (AoA)
  • Lord William Blackthorne (AoA)
  • Lady Ambre Milhert (AoA)
  • Lord Roland le Petit (AoA)
  • Lady Nariman Min Alghaba (AoA)
  • Charles d'Alençon dit le Beren
  • Omar
  • Fatnor

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