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Spring Inspirations 2023
Resides: Malagentia
Status: Active
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Aine has been a lifelong attendant of SCA events, since childhood, but has only been an official member since returning from the Kingdom of Caid and settling in the East. With much interest in forestry, cooking, soothsaying, archery, and many arts and sciences.

Aine is a merchant, farmer, crafter and homemaker. Married to Aldis and with an ever-expanding family you’ll most likely find her at Family Point, Merchant’s Row, the kitchen, or the range.



Event Staff

Kitchen Volunteer, Panteria XXV, 5/27/2022

Dayboard Server, Harvest Moon, 9/17/2022

In Case of Court

I love surprises but am very new and have no idea what is expected of me to do in case of court. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated!

In case of court, please speak to Aldis Duibh-bein.

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