Agnes Marie de Calais

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Agnes Marie de Calais
Resides: Quintavia
Awards: Order of Precedence
Award & Office Badges
Kingdom Bardic ChampionAward of ArmsTroubadourCompanion of the Order of the Maunche Companion of the Order of the Silver Wheel Award of the Golden LyreFreedom of the Bridge



I am a spoken word bard and storyteller, a researcher whose personae is from Calais, France before the year 1600. If it is in print it is fair game. I have told the ancient tale of Archimedes discovering buoyancy, retold the work of Galileo and his Treatise on the Rotation of Planets, recreated a moment with a period recipe making sure that even the very trees in the setting were accurate. Cervantes, the poems of the 16th century Queen of Navarre, folk tales and well told myths and legends. They all fascinate me and I delight in researching and sharing them. I first joined the SCA in the early 2000's. In recent years I have been sharing my research projects, bardic interests, retaining, serving when and where needed. I also have taught, run bardic circles and judged. Teaching both youth and adults is also an important piece of who I am. Ask me about research and I am happy to share my love for it.



Agnes Marie de Calais was born in 1480 and is the eldest of three surviving children of a wool merchant. She and her two sisters were trained to be able to help with accounts, read and not only run a household but aid with various aspects of business. At this point in time Calais is under English control but her family privately maintains their French roots and have been merchants in Calais for as long as anyone can remember. Her marriage to a fellow guild member’s son was arraigned and she wed at twenty. She aides her husband in business accounts, reads and owns a book of hours, manages a modest sized household and being a mother of six herself aides in midwifery. She enjoys unique fashion and fabrics from around the world that find their way to Calais and sumptuary laws irk her. She is currently middle aged and living in 1518.

Offices, Awards and Positions

Classes Taught

  • Youth A/S Classes at Birka 2019
  • Youth A/S Classes at Birka 2020
  • "Adapting an Existing Tale", Summer Days Bardic Event Online 2020
  • Tyger Youth Camp Online Summer 2020
  • So Now You Need More Documentation , Sparkly and Shiny 2021
  • More Than the Words, What would your tale have looked like when it was told in period, Winter Nights Online 2021
  • Story of your stories - Researching your Bardic work, Winter Nights Online 2021
  • Embracing Improvisation- Winter Nights Online 2021
  ( Please see my website for handouts and more)

Projects and Publications

For more of her work both as an Art and Science Researcher, Bardic classes and performance and other work of note please visit her website.



Interests and Pursuits

Her main SCA pursuits are combining a love for research and a passion for being a storyteller/bard as well as working with the youth of our society in any capacity needed.

In case of Court

Please notify my Laurel Mistress Raziya bint Rusa in advance if possible as well as my husband Lord Damhan MacRonain (Dylan Whitney). Due to health issues planning for court is helpful and while surprises are welcome its easier to plan that I need to stay.