Aelia Fortunata

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Aelia Fortunata (in her very messy room) after the Black Rose Ball, AS 53.
Resides: Carolingia
Status: Active
Awards: Order of Precedence
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Heraldry Needed
Award & Office Badges
Companion of the Order of the Silver Brooch Order of the Moon


Aelia Fortunata (EYE-lee-ah for-too-NAH-tah) has been playing off and on in the Society since roughly AS 43, but became more active starting in AS 48. Her entry to the society was through her local dance practice, and one can frequently find her dancing, spinning or engaged in conversation. Sometimes she can be found recreating classical Roman recipes or translating things into Latin. In fact she rather enjoys translating things into Latin.

Roman onomastics for women being what they are, she is properly addressed as Fortunata, as Aelia is her family name. Her preferred title is 'Domina' (DOE-mee-nah,) which is the Latin equivalent of 'Lady,' but will also accept 'Lady' as well.


Fortunata has a classical Roman persona, dating from the great civil wars marking the end of the Republic.

She is the only daughter of a wealthy plebeian family who made their fortune in trade between Rome, Gaul and points north. During the civil wars, the family threw their hand in with Caesar. Unfortunately, as Rome was no longer safe for a young woman, Fortunata was carted off to a family villa in Gaul. One of the safer bits of Gaul, but Gaul nonetheless. Her father will permit her to return to the city when it is safe, but who knows when that will be?

Offices and Positions

Dancemistress, Barony of Carolingia, December 2018-Present

Projects & Publications

  • Mortuary Roll of TRM Edward and Thyra (Latin text composition, as Rachel of Carolingia)
  • Silver Wheel Scroll of Agnes Gudolphin (Latin text composition. Given at Yule 2018, Barony of Bergental)
  • Maunche Scroll of Gaius Claudius Valerianus (English and Latin text composition. Given at GNEW 2019)
  • Court Barony scroll of Simona bat Leon (Latin text composition. Given at Harper's Retreat 2019)
  • Laurel scroll of Gundormr Dengir (Latin text composition. Given at Falling Leaves in Exile 2019)
  • AoA scroll of Grumio (Latin text composition. Given at A Market Day at Birka 2020)
  • Silver Crescent scroll of Lilias de Cheryngton (Latin text composition, given in November Ethereal court 2020)
  • Tygers Combattant scroll of Dimitrius Alexandros (English and Latin text composition, given in November Ethereal court 2020)
  • Silver Brooch scroll for Kit de Coldwood (Latin and English text composition, given at the Last Court of Magnus Tindal and Alberic von Rostock, 2021)
  • Tyger's Cub scroll for Rowan of Coldwood (Latin and English text composition. Given at the Last Court of Magnus Tindal and Alberic von Rostock, 2021)


  • Introduction to Latin (Ethereal class, March 2020; Harper's Retreat 2020; Canton of Whyt Whey's Saturday night Solar, August 2021; Barony of Three Mountains Roman and Scythian Summer (An Tir))
  • Introduction to Roman Religion (Ethereal class, Canton of Whyt Whey's Saturday night Solar; Barony of Three Mountains Roman and Scythian Summer)

In Case of Court

  • Please let me know if I am being called into court, no need to tell me why. I can be reached via EK email, Facebook or through Gundormr Dengir.
  • Please summon to RP event in advance, or use a writ
  • ICOP, please contact Gundormr Dengir

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