Aelfwine Denedom

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Resides: Carolingia
Status: Deceased
Awards: Order of Precedence
Quarterly vert and sable, a four­pointed star throughout argent
Award & Office Badges
Award of Arms Chivalry Companion of the Order of the Maunche Companion of the Order of the Silver Crescent


Aelfwine Dunedain (spelled Denedom by the heralds) was illiterate- he only learned to sign his name when he was king.

He joined Baron Balin's huscarls having been introduced by Tostig Guisse.

His family had come to England during the great migration, (been repelled by Arthur and returned) and lived in Bernicia where he met Arastorm

In 575 he was part of Cawlens army and won land in Wessex, and built a steading there, about a league north of the town of Wilton. Their household was called Stormgard. Tostig was in charge of the local warband, while Ælfwine and Arastorm ran the household. (Tostig later fell in love and went off West to marry)

Ælfwine and Arastorm had four children: Ælfgifu, Ælfwytha, Ælfræd, and Ælfthryth,

As a fighter he was known for his quick moves, especially the "patri spin", and fighting with a very short longsword. (Also a really UGLY helmet that lasted from Pennsic 3 until Pennsic 18 when his squires ganged up and gave him a new one), also for fighting in minimal armor. He was at his best in the woods.

He trained the Branswatch Army known as the Green Shirts for their matching forest green leinnes. "Dunedain, Dunedain, crashing through the glen, Dunedain, Dunedain, with his crazy men. Loved by the Weird, Feared by the sane, Dunedain, Dunedain, Dunedain." (to the Richard Green Robin Hood theme tune)

As he aged he became more interested in smithcraft than battle making on the spot repairs and inexpensive brass circlets and other jewelry, starting Cabochons in AS 14.

Ælfwine died in his 48th year of the white sickness.

Offices and Positions

In the SCA Ælfwine was podesta of Carolingia for a term, founded Branswatch with Arastorm.

He was knighted by Cariadoc at 12th night (while he was Aonghais' cup bearer, he was never a squire)

He had many squires Frodo, Vizzevald, Grimnir/Gavin, Olexander, Andre, Ekkehart, Oskgar, Ragnar, Kari (The baby squire)(help needed here, I think there were over a dozen)

He was winter king in AS 16 with Arastorm, made 2 knights and gave 205 AoAs. (and other awards- need to find) known for visiting many groups.

Projects & Publications

More Information

At his and Arastorm's coronation, Aelfwine was carried into the hall standing on a tabled shield held aloft over the crowd's heads.