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Resides: Barony of AnDubheaigeinn
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Award of Arms, 3/24/2007


Lord (Lady) Aedth of MacGregor


A (mostly) Elizabethan Highlander from the MacGregor Clan. Rumor has it there was a namesake traveling through France during Henry V's successful Agincourt tour, and further rumors of some possible crusader link as well. And possible activity around Hadrian's wall. There's also been some kind of link to Vikings (as if anyone would really notice the difference between scruffy Scots and tall Nordic types) or possibly Dwarves. Like most Scots, a little hard to pin down without some fine single malt - and then the tale gets fuzzier. Really - weather, comfort and whim dictate what century you might get a chance to see.

Aedth's interests fly all over the medieval map, enjoying heavy list, archery, calligraphy, sewing, cooking, leather work, chess, religious study, a fine sampler of meads, ales bears and the marvelous water of life - be it of the Irish, Scottish or Russian flavor. Aedth has always enjoyed assisting new members in the SCA getting a little equilibrium, while they find their own individual passions with history.

A member of House Three Skulls for over twenty years, as well as chief of Clan MacGregor (a wholly owned subisdiary of House Three Skulls), a captain within House Three Skulls, a sub-chief of House Three Skulls, and Quartermaster of House Three Skulls. Proud member of the first House Three Skulls Heavy List unit; a fighter so unique in character that it takes Dukes to kill her. And quoted in Games Magazine for having been "beaten like a baby harp seal" at Pennsic XXV. Only holder of the exemption to Rule X.


  • 08/02/2015 Court Barony

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