Æsileif in Kyrra Hrafnsdottir

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Resides: Malagentia
Status: Active
Awards: Order of Precedence
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Lady Æsileif in Kyrra Hrafnsdottir (Pronouns - She/Her/Hers) has had a long and varied path in the Society. Her first event was Falling Leaves in 2002. Introduced to the society by Trentus Nubianus she quickly became his man at arms. Fighting primarily heavy list Æsileif participated sporadically due to medical issues. She became a member of Sharc Pit in 2010. She started fencing right about that time, and still actively does so. Æsileif has also taken up sewing and fiber arts, and is aiming to become an active member of the A&S community.


Æsileif was born in Gotland in the year 938 A.D. the only daughter of a local fisherman named Hrafn and his wife Dyrfinna. She was taught by her mother to mend nets, sew and Naalbind to make clothes and assist in upkeep of the household, and trade with other families and merchants.

She had a reputation for being very tall, strong, and ill tempered. She would frequently wrestle against boys her age, and win more often than they liked. She learned to fight with a sword from her father as a young girl, and took up archery later in her early teens.

Eventually she married a traveling merchant and Skald from the mainland named Einarr. They travelled extensively together throughout Viking Era Scandinavia. The two settled in Iceland in 950 A.D. and she bore him two children, Hrafn and Hakon. He supported them by trading until he was killed in a raid in 958 A.D.

Since that time she has shared her home with another woman Aoife, who had been brought there by her husband from Ireland, before himself being killed while raiding.

Her byname, as with most Norse bynames is a joke of sorts and means “Gentle” or “Calm”.

Offices & Positions

  • Baronial Herald, Barony of Carolingia, 05/12/2012 till 04/04/2015
  • Provincial Herald, Province of Malagentia, 02/28/2014 till 5/01/2016

Event Staff

  • Set up/Gate/Take down, Otters Welcome, 10/15/2016
  • Co-Autocrat, Crown Tournament, 11/05/2016

Projects & Publications

  • Currently working on making a set of reproductions of a specific graves goods found in Gotland, Using as much period practice as possible start to finish.

In Case of Court

Please contact either myself, or my wife.

  • My email is apisboreas at gmail
  • Hers is fasissi at yahoo

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