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Autocrat, Lost Tip XVI, 09/06/2019
Autocrat, Lost Tip XVI, 09/06/2019
== Projects & Publications ==
== Other Awards ==
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*Winner of Golden Sword Tournament, Great Northeastern War, 07/13/2019
*List in Chronological order, oldest to newest
== In Case of Court ==
== In Case of Court ==

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GNEW 2019.jpg
Zofeia at Great Northeastern War, 2019.
Resides: Shire of Panther Vale
Status: Active
Awards: Order of Precedence

Device submitted for review, Pennsic 2019.

Award & Office Badges


Zofeia Jodurqin became involved in the SCA in June 2018, after finding the local fight practices via Bess Brechin, and thoroughly enjoying it. She is a member of House Argent Fist, and became an armsman to Magister Tiberius Iulius Rufus at the Mountain Freehold Yule on January 19th, 2019.


Born in the Novgorad Republic in 1208, Zofeia came from a family of wealthy merchants, where she struggled to fit into the traditional gender roles expected of women. She also was drawn to animals and the wilderness, much to the horror of her parents, who saw such desires as lowly and below their family's station. These problems were greatly exacerbated when she was 8, when it was discovered that she had been sneaking into the nearby marshlands to go visit the local Molfarka healer, who was considered a witch by the Orthodox Church. When the local church officials discovered the indiscretion, they executed the healer and gave Zofeia's parents two options: send her to a convent or execute her as a witch. Being fed up with Their daughter's inability to conform, as well as knowing they had several other children, her parents chose execution. However, an aunt used her connections to smuggle Zofeia out of Novgorad and into the care of an estranged uncle who traveled heavily on the Silk Road. While not an ideal situation for a child, Zofeia was able to remain hidden from church authorities, and learned many useful skills that would help her later on, including negotiation, survival skills, resourcefulness, and some basic fighting skills.

In 1223, Zofeia found herself witnessing the Battle of Kalka River, and in the ensuing chaos, found herself counted as a war prize. Not wanting to potentially end up in a harem, she attempted to escape, and in the process was able to dismount a camel rider. One of the Mongol commanders witnessed the whole incident, and being a lieutenant of Jebe, he was instantly reminded of his general's origin and decided to help Zofeia stay alive.

Initially acting as his servant, Zofeia's tenacity in all aspects was noted, and she was given the moniker 'Jodurqin,' meaning "Stubborn," by her new master, as she reminded him of a donkey he once knew. After an unannounced visit by the shaman traveling with horde, the commander decided that not only would Zofeia be educated on Mongol society, language, and customs, but on the matters of tengrist shamanism and war. She traveled extensively with her commander and his clan, helping him both on the battlefield and with matters relating to those clan members who remain in Mongolia. After many years of service, Zofeia has earned her freedom, and now travels freely throughout the Mongol Empire and beyond.

Offices & Positions

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  • List in Chronological order, oldest to newest

Event Staff

Autocrat, Lost Tip XVI, 09/06/2019

Other Awards

  • Winner of Golden Sword Tournament, Great Northeastern War, 07/13/2019

In Case of Court

In case of Court, please contact Magister Tiberius Iulius Rufus or his consort Dominus Vopiscus Rufius Donatus.

Name Pronunciation:"Zo-fee-ya Yo-her-kin"

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