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Xandra Rozina Xiberras Galea, called Rozi
Name, persona, and person are Maltese.
Pronunciation: "X" is pronounced "shh",
so Shandra Rozina Shiber-ras Gah-l-ya

Rozi joined the SCA in 1998 to learn historic swordfighting. She quickly found a group working on Fabris and made herself useful by translating the original text. This taught her a lot about the biases that different translators can put into their work, and she has since translated or retranslated from several books as needed. Rozi has studied and taught many different styles and forms, and her favorite period class to teach covers many period masters and aims to help students find the best period form for their individual strengths.

Rozi stepped into the role of Deputy to the Society Rapier Marshal in 2012 to create the first Society rules for youth rapier. She served as deputy for several years, and then was selected for the role of Society Rapier Marshal on 01Feb2018. As Society Fencing (previously: Rapier) Marshal, Rozi finished the rollout of the first new comprehensive Society Fencing Rules since the original set published many decades ago. In her role, Rozi aims to expand the sport to allow an ever broader range of period simulations, while maintaining safety as priority. To this end, there has been an increase in experiments during her tenure. One of Rozi's other goals for her tenure was to bring the kingdoms' fencing communities a closer understanding of their similarities, and set out to visit every kingdom personally. The global pandemic put a hold on her plans, but she hopes to finish the last three kingdoms as soon as possible.

Rozi has enjoyed and participated in many aspects of the SCA, including metalworking, woodworking, clothing, period encampments, and bardic.


Companion of the Laurel (Edward II and Thyra I) for fencing research and metalwork
Companion of the Maunche (Andreas II and Isabella II) for metalwork
Companion of the Silver Crescent (Darius II and Roxane II) for teaching fencing, running events
Queen’s Order of Courtesy (Isabella II)
King’s Arts and Sciences Champion (Gryffith II)
Companion of the Perseus (Carolingia, martial)
Companion of the Daystar (Carolingia, service)
Companion of the Moons (Carolingia, arts)
Keeper of the Light (Quintavia, service)
Keeper of the Sword (Quintavia, fencing)
Award of Arms


Society Fencing (previously Rapier) Marshal 2018-present
Society Deputy Rapier Marshal in charge of Special Projects 2014-2018
Society Deputy Rapier Marshal for Youth (inaugural post) 2013 – 2014
Deputy Kingdom Youth Rapier Marshal 2012 – 2013
King’s Champion of Arts East 2011-2012
Shire Fencing Marshal Quintavia 2010 – present
Youth Marshal – Fencing Quintavia 2011 – present
Youth Marshal – Armored Combat Quintavia 2011 – present
Light MoL Carolingia 1999 – 2003

Event Autocrat

Select Events (mainly because Rozi can't remember them)
Quintavia Hafla (RP) March 2016
K&Q Equestrian Championships at Quintavia Fete August 2014
King and Queen’s Rapier Championship February 2012
Fencing Challenge March 2002
Duello November 2010
Queen’s Court at Carolingia February 2003
Duello November 2000

Other Event Duties

Server at many feasts, both high and low
Second cook at Quintavia Haflas

Other, Rapier Related

Published a paper on biomechanics of rapier fighting (
Taught at Knowne World Academies of the Rapier
Taught at several Academies of the Rapier
Classes in
– Overview of period manuals,
– Tailoring teaching of fencing for different body types,
– Italian period fencing,
– Fencing with a sword and cane/stick
Ran a regular class on 16th century Italian fencing
Retranslated parts of Thibault (French) and Fabris (Italian) for disseminating a greater understanding of what the original manuals said


Rozi was born in Malta around 1540 and was raised by her mother (a maid at the Knights' Palace) and grandfather. Her grandfather farmed a small plot of land due to his failing health, although her three uncles followed their father and were fishermen.

Projects & Publications

Back in 1999, Rozi did a systematic study of Sclager Fencing and published it by the Journal of Biomechanics. That paper was cited by a few academicians and spawned a robust (>50 papers!) field of study in fencing biomechanics since 2016.

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