Wynflaed aec Hamtunscire

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Wynflaed aet Hamtunscire
Resides: Barony of Bergental
Status: Active
Awards: Order of Precedence
Per chevron vert and azure, a badger and in chief two sets of needles in saltire argent.
Award & Office Badges


Wynflaed aet Hamtunscire,known as Wynnie, is a Baroness of House Grimalkin, and Hrafngeirr, of Duchy Von Drachenklaue (VDK.) She is protege to Mistress Sefa Hrafnsdottir. Wynnie is a weaver, seamtress, retainer, water-bearer, food provider, and mid-eastern dancer.


Wynflaed is a 10th century Saxon. Wynnie dabbles in Persian, Roman, and Viking as well.


  • Award of Arms, given by Brennan I and Caoilfhionn I at Pennsic
  • Court Barony, given by Brennan III and Caoilfhionn III at Ducal Challenge
  • Order of the Silver Wheel, given by Margarita at East Kingdom Ethereal Court VII

Offices & Positions

  • Retainer to Brennan I and Caoilfhionn I
  • Retainer to Kenric II and Avelina II
  • Retainer to Brennan II and Caoilfhionn II
  • Retainer to Ionnes and Honig
  • Deputy Head Retainer to Brennan III and Caoilfhionn III (11/11/2017-9/29/2018)
  • Deputy Head Retainer to Margarita (12/2019-8/15/2020)
  • Protege to Mistress Sefa Hrafnsdottir (6/4/2020)

In Case of Court

Please Notify Devillin MacPherson

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