Whyte House

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Founded: 2014
Status: Active
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Carus, ne Alesone nobis accendit in ignis.
Award Badges


The Whyte House consists of Kay Leigh Mac Whyte, Ryan Mac Whyte, and their current and former apprentices, protegees, students, and assorted adoptee friends.


The House began in function when Ryan and Kayeligh took their first students. It only became official after Ryan added three dependents and Kay Leigh added two in the summer of 2014.


Mistress Kay Leigh Mac Whyte OL,OP
Master Ryan Mac Whyte OP
Mistress Elsa de Lyon OL
Master Donovan Shinnock OD
Dame Brighid MacCumhal OD
Mistress Heather Rose Mac Gordon OL
Master Vettorio Antonello OL
Maestra Anastasia da Monte OD
Vicereine Lada Monguligin OL
Lady Raffaella Mascolo
Lady Violet Hughes
Lady Matilda Wynter
Lady Magdalena Lantfarerin, called the Migrant