Viktor and Sedalia

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Sovereign: Viktor Ghadwers
Consort: Sedalia MacNare
East Kingdom Crown #: 32
Preceded by: Vissevald II and Mara
Succeeded by: Hasdrubal II and Amber


  • Creation of the Order of the Saggitarius


  • Embroidery for the Queen's dress for 12th night was done by Master Geoffry d'Ayr
  • Coronation clothes were made by Mistress Cassadoria Finnialla
  • Earl Sir Gavin Kilkenny of Kilcarren


  • Coronation in Ostgardr 10/8/83
  • Crown Tournament in Dawnfield
  • Seven Deadly Sins in Coppertree
  • Masqued Ball in Carolingia (where the first Laurel for Cooking was given in the East Kingdom)
  • Come as You Aren't Revel in Bhakail
  • Barren Sands first ever event, 12/83
  • 12th Night, Dragonship Haven (the theme was Ice & Fire)
  • Baronial Investiture of Carillion 1/21/84 (was also the elevation of Carillion to Barony status)
  • Sedalia attended an event in Drachenwald the week before stepping down, Viktor was not allowed to go because of the proximity to the Iron Curtain and his mundane father's position in the USN.
  • Coronation for their Heirs was in Rhyddericah Hael.

More Information

"Viktor Ghadwers (who's name was rejected by the College of Heralds the week before our October 8th Coronation in Ostgardr - so Vissevald threatened to crown him as "Joe from the Garage") and Sedalia MacNare - between the two of us we had 2 AoAs, 1 CSC, and a Court Barony when we became Royalty. Just to make it really confusing I married someone else at Pennsic 12 while I was Crown Princess, too. It was more than a little confusing for a lot of people." -Duchess Sedalia 11/2012