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|badge = [[Image:T-viennet_de_la_merC.gif]]
|badge = [[Image:T-viennet_de_la_merC.gif]]
|badgecaption = (Fieldless) A sea-monkey vert.
|badgecaption = (Fieldless) A sea-monkey vert.
|awards =  {{Rose}} {{Laurel}} {{Maunche}} {{OSC}} {{QOC}} {{CourtBaroncy}}
|awards =  {{Rose}} {{Laurel}} {{Maunche}} {{OSC}} {{QOC}} {{CourtBaron}}
|offices =  
|offices =  

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Contessa Vienna.jpg
Her Excellency Vienna de la Mer
Resides: Barony of Dragonship Haven
Status: Active
Awards: Order of Precedence
Argent, on a pale wavy between two Latin crosses formy swallowtailed azure a sea-unicorn argent.

T-viennet de la merC.gif
(Fieldless) A sea-monkey vert.
Award & Office Badges
Companion of the Order of the Rose Companion of the Order of the Laurel Companion of the Order of the Maunche Companion of the Order of the Silver Crescent Queen's Order of Courtesy Template:CourtBaron


Her Excellency Vienna began her SCA tenure during Pennsic 25, and attended a few Pennsics and Birkas before volunteering for a Royal Household. The Reign of Andreas I and Isabella I was instrumental in immersing Vienna in the SCA. Prior to that time, she didn't sew, her embroidery consisted of cross stitch Christmas ornaments exclusively, and she lived in the Bog at Pennsic. It was also during their Graces' first reign that she met Wilhelm von Ostenbrucke.

Residing in the Barony of Dragonship Haven, in the East Kingdom, Vienna de la Mer was apprenticed to Duchess Roxane Farabi. Her main focus is Embroidery; however, she's also interested in Gardening, Folklore, Cooking, Herbology, Helping Newcomers, Sewing/Costuming, Thrown Weapons, Beekeeping, and Archery. Vienna is currently the Guildmistress of the Keepers of Athena's Thimble, the East Kingdom Embroiderer's Guild.


Youngest daughter of a Genoese shipping merchant and French midwife, Vienna was given to a noblewoman, along with her nieces, to serve as Ladies In Waiting at Court. This noblewoman later became Queen. Once upon a time, at a 12th Night celebration, Vienna and Wilhelm met – he, a Squire to the King; she, a Lady-in-Waiting to the Queen. The rest is… history.

Currently known as the Countess of Compassion, she makes people cry. But in a good way.

Main Persona: Late 15th century Italian/French. Alternate Personas: 14th century English or 10th century Norse (Heiðabýr).

Registered name: Vienna de la Mer (Viennet is an alternate registered name)


Personal Device: Argent, on a pale wavy between two Latin crosses formy swallowtailed azure a sea-unicorn argent.

Personal Badge: (Fieldless) A sea-monkey vert.


Vienna’s honors include:

  • Countess (prefers Contessa)
  • Member of the Order of the Rose
  • Member of the Order of the Laurel
  • Court Baroness w/Grant of Arms
  • Companion of the Orders of the Silver Crescent and Maunche
  • Award of Arms
  • Queen’s Cypher (Gabriella, Brenwen II)
  • Queen’s Honor of Distinction (Brenwen)
  • King’s Cypher (Darius IV)
  • Queen’s Order of Courtesy (Brenwen II)
  • Gift of the Golden Lyre (Andreas III & Gabriella)
  • The King's Esteem of Merit (Kenric II)
  • Principal of the Order of Freya's Cup (Baronial Hospitality)
  • Worshipful Company of Artificers (Baronial A&S)
  • Order of the Yale (Baronial Service)
  • Recipient of the Fiskur (Baronial token of appreciation)
  • Seamstress to the Crown (for many reigns!)


  • House D'Mer (defunct)

*Apprendista, Alunno, and Affiliata

Apprentice, Student, and Affiliate

Apprendista: Arabella De Mere

Affiliata: Katerina de la Bere

Former Alunno: Elena Hylton

Former Apprendista: Chiaretta di Fiore and Aurelia Alfaiata d'Alcáçova

Offices & Positions

  • 102nd Queen of the East (September 2018 - April 2019)
  • Princess of the East and Tir Mara (May 2018-September 2018)
  • Guildmistress of the Keepers of Athena's Thimble, East Kingdom Embroiderer's Guild (November 2017-June 2018, Royal Hiatus, resume April 2019-)
  • Deputy A&S Minister, Barony of Dragonship Haven (June 2016-May 2018)
  • East Kingdom Chatelaine (April 2013-April 2015)
  • Chief of Staff, Andreas III and Gabriella I
  • Head Lady in Waiting, Konrad II and Brenwen II
  • Central Region Deputy and Senior Member of the Keepers of Athena's Thimble, East Kingdom Embroiderer's Guild
  • Lady in Waiting, Andreas I & Isabella I
  • Lady in Waiting, Andreas II & Isabella II
  • Lady in Waiting, Konrad I & Brenwen I
  • Stealth Retainer, various Royals and Kingdoms
  • Former A&S Champion of the Barony of Dragonship Haven (2010-2011)

Event Staff

  • Steward, Crowns A&S Championship (RP) 2/2020
  • Steward, Sir Wilhelm's Hastilude & Demo III (RP) 5/2017
  • Steward, K&Q Armored Combat Champions & Sir Wilhelm's Hastilude & Demo II 5/2016 (RP)
  • Steward, Sir Wilhelm's Hastilude & Demo 5/2015
  • Steward, Victuality-the Event 8/2013
  • Steward, St. Eligius 11/2009 (RP)
  • Co-Steward, Balfar's Challenge 4/2009 (RP)


Wife of Wilhelm von Ostenbrucke.

Vienna would rather see others written in for awards than herself. There are many deserving gentles worthy of recognition.

More Information

*****************VIENNA IS SEVERELY ALLERGIC TO EGG WHITES**********************

She also has a mild allergy to MUSHROOMS.