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Pennsic 44
Resides: East Kingdom - Archers Ford
Status: Available
Awards: Order of Precedence
Purpure, a dog rampant and in sinister chief an anchor Or
Award & Office Badges
Award of Arms Companion of the Order of the Silver Crescent


THL Tommaso Valeriano

i solve problems


My father, a shipbuilder in the Venetian Arsenal, fancied a certain courtesan and saved all his wages up to share a magical sojourn with her. Magical is apparently the key phrase, as she became with child from the time together and he was killed in an explosion at the Arsenal a few days later. The courtesans decided to keep the child, Tommaso, and raised him as one of their own. The bright young boy was well educated, exposed to the extensive library and tutors the courtesans had access to, as well as engaged in the regular topics of discussion - economics, politics, trade, business, and such things that their clients prized them for their knowledge in. Add to this the education in charm, seduction, grace, and wit one would expect from individuals of such a trade and you get a young man with a silver tongue, sharp mind, and a quick wit.

By his late teens Tommaso had used the connections garnered through his courtesan family to build a fairly substantial trade business, with a medium sized fleet moving several tons of cargo every month. The courtesans would help to turn a convenient eye away from any questionable trade goods, or distract certain officials if the need called for it, but that was part of the normal business of the day. And as they were family, the courtesans were well compensated for their participation. Often times, special packages of silks, oils, or spices would be discretely delivered to the head of the courtesan house as part of Tommaso's regular tribute to 'mother' (house mother, not biological).

When asked about the packages brought in for the courtesans, Tommaso was quoted to say: "one bribes officials to get things done, that is business, that is how it works. I do not bribe courtesans, for that would be demeaning to infer such a lowly status upon them. I provide them with exotics and decadence, to remind them that above all other things the business exists so that i may provide for them, to remind them just how important they are to me. Beyond family, beyond obligation, beyond love, they are the stars in my sky, and all that i do i do for them"

The business of trade brought in great wealth and influence, it also bred great animosity amongst competitors. To challenge him would be to lose any companionship of the courtesans, and only the most stoic would dare. But there stirred among some unrest as his power grew, and they waited. For they saw hubris and they knew such a seed need only time to grow and blossom.

This man, Tommaso, with his power and his wealth, with his connections and charm, he could have been king. Easily he could have ruled from behind the curtain, or at least from behind the bodice of a courtesan. But ego and arrogance forever taunt those who seek the power to change their world. And one day, the charming and witty young man, the son of a simple shipbuilder, who always danced near that line, finally stepped too far across it.

The specifics are a tale for another day, but in that one day, that terrible and amazing single day, Tommaso went from one of the most powerful men in Venice to nearly nothing. His business, with dozens of merchant vessels was reduced to just one run down vessel, the Dancing Dexter. The crew, numbering in thousands, all gone save those ragged few who had nowhere else to go or who had some deluded sense of loyalty to the man. Exiled from the city he loved, to leave with only the clothes on his back and whatever he carried on him, set sail at gun point with threat of death upon his return save one condition... he is only allowed to return once a year, to pay tribute, penance for his sins and beg for forgiveness and mercy at the feet of the Doge.

So now he sails the sea, in his rickety old boat with his equally rickety crew, traveling from port to port, trading, smuggling, offering passage, running blockades, engaging in a bit of piracy or heroism in equal measure, doing whatever needs to be done to stay afloat until that place called home appears on his horizon once more.

Offices & Positions

  • Shire of Eisental - Drop Dead Seneshal - not sure on the dates, it's been so long. early 2000's?

Event Staff

There are a number of years of Eisental Events, either the June event or the Regional Warcamp held in July, that I worked in numerous capacities. Parking, security, Assistant Autocrat (i'm hesitant to say Co autocrat, cause i don't think i was), and general 'Doer of things'. These would have happened over the time frame of 2000-2006? (it didn't seem important to keep records of these things).

  • Watch Volunteer (40+ hours per Pennsic) - Pennsic 31-37
  • Pennsic Staff - Watch deputy/motor pool - Pennsic 37-39
  • Pennsic Staff - Watch 3 (Senior Deputy) - Pennsic 40
  • Pennsic Staff - Watch 2 (second in command) - Pennsic 41
  • Pennsic Staff - Deputy Mayor of the Watch(Watch Commander) - Pennsic 42 & 43
  • Pennsic Staff - Communications and IT - Pennsic 44 & 45
  • Pennsic Staff - Mayor - Pennsic 47 (Mayor on deck - Pennsic 45 & 46)

Projects & Publications

Numerous projects I'll list the most recent till i can get a chance to catalog them properly. Walnut Glastonbury Chair built early 9/15 Donated to EK Royal Fundraiser [[Media: ]]

More Information